What I Learned: August 2

This week has been incredibly trying. It’s been a personal struggle since Monday morning and hasn’t backed off since then.

  • Ten hour days are not fun. I wound up getting two in a row on Monday and Tuesday. Lucky me. On top of that, I had training from 9-4 both days, close to 2,000 loans to load, and the chaos that is month-end on Wednesday.
  • An aunt & uncle on my step mom’s side had to put their family dog to sleep last weekend. A grad school classmate had to put his dog to sleep after heart failure on Wednesday. That kills me on the inside. Harper got extra hugs this week.
  • Having tough days at work has taken over the rest of the week too. I haven’t had the time or desire to eat as well as I have wanted. I haven’t had the energy to go running at all this week. Where’s the reset button?
  • A coworker is quickly finding themselves becoming alienated in our department. Anytime we try to include them, there’s a convenient excuse to back out. Last potluck, they didn’t want to spend money. Wednesday, we all took a break from work to go to lunch and it was “I have other things I need to do.” I don’t like giving up on including people because it becomes awkward in the office. But at some point, you’ve got to help yourself before others are willing to work with you.
  • My hard drive for my desktop computer died Tuesday at lunch. I have no idea if my external hard drive has been backing up my pictures and music. Worst case, I’ll have lost about a year’s worth of pictures minus San Diego (on the laptop) and any music from iTunes. Best case, I still have to reinstall Windows and every program. So this is my project for the weekend:
    New Hard Drive

In the grand scheme of things, this week hasn’t been that big of a deal. A nuisance? Sure. Absolutely. But problems worth fretting over and complaining about? Definitely not. I’ve been thinking about perspective a lot lately and this falls into that realm. So I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to approach any trying, difficult moment with a more head-on, can-do attitude instead of just harping on the negative. Life’s too short. Baby hippie steps in the right direction.

Next week’s only two and a half days away after all.

But enjoy your weekend first, folks.

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