What I Learned: July 5

  • Sometimes, I legitimately hate people and their actions. I stumbled across an article and YouTube clip – I can’t bring myself to provide a link – of a Hawthorne, CA man who had his dog shot and killed by the police. I watched the video once and immediately regretted it. It’s one of the very few things in my 30 years that has completely shaken my core. At first, I hated the cops. I saw red and had to physically calm myself down before going back to work after seeing it on my lunch break. But after reading more details about the owner’s actions and letting my emotions cool down, it makes me incredibly sad that the police were put in that unnecessary scenario and that the careless owner put his dog in that position. Could the police have used less force? Maybe. But I wholeheartedly blame the owner for creating the tense situation that resulted in his dog being killed. Breaks my heart for the poor dog who was simply trying to protect his idiot of an owner.
  • S’more cookies are a lot better than actual s’mores. We had an “American Potluck” at work Wednesday. My goal is always to find a new type of cookie recipe that fits each theme and I stumbled onto a s’more recipe for this one. The cookie dough has chocolate chips and marshmallows mixed in and they’re baked on a graham cracker. I’m not a fan of graham crackers or lots of chocolate but these just worked. Smore Cookies
  • The 4th of July was really enjoyable. I woke up entirely too early to help my brother move their stuff into their house in Columbia. Then we rocked some delicious Chick Fil A for lunch. For dinner, we grilled out with the neighbors and had hotdogs (serious question… is there anything better to eat on a hot day than a grilled hotdog?) with potato salad, baked beans, cole slaw, and pasta salad. We took a quick boat ride on the lake after dinner to scope out an island for our camping excursion this weekend and watched some fireworks on the way back in. And to round out the night, my brother, sister in law, and I got to blow up some mortars for everyone in the cove. Side note – I also got to embarrass my mom in front of the neighbors wearing this outfit. Keep fighting terrorists! Go ‘Murica!Murca Uniform
  • I’m not normally a huge dance/techno/trance music type of guy but I’m infatuated with Zedd’s Clarity. It just recently hit the radio. But what was weird is that I knew the words somehow. In a moment equal parts enlightenment and embarrassment, I realized it was on the season finale of Glee. #GuiltyPleasure
  • Anderson Design Group Studio is an excellent company with their customer service. I have nine of their Art & Soul of America posters from national parks or cities I visited on my trip around the country. During a recent sale, I picked up the Redwood National Park poster. When it was delivered, FedEx noted that they left it at an address (the office at my apartment complex) different than the one listed on the package. As soon as the note was added to the tracking statement, I received an email and phone call from Dawn with Anderson Design Group asking me if everything was okay with the delivery, if I received the package, and if there was anything they could do to help. Perfect customer service.

Extended holiday weekend? Check! Big camping trip on the lake? Check! This is going to be a solid weekend!

Hope everyone is enjoying their 4th of July celebrations!

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