2nd Quarter Report

Since today’s the start of July – Where has the year gone? – I’m here to bring you the 2nd quarter results on my New Years Resolutions.

Let’s see what six months looks like.

  • 350 Miles Run:
    • 2Q projection – 175.0
    • 2Q actual – 85.0
    • This time last quarter, I only had 19 miles under my belt. It’s no coincidence that with better weather and longer days, I picked up the pace considerably with 66 miles in the last three months. But it’s still off of the 87.5 miles/quarter pace I originally set. So that’s still going to make this resolution incredibly hard to accomplish. I have the ROC Race coming up in August, which means I’ve still got motivation to keep running. But barring any unforeseen accidents, at least I’ll have hit triple digits come the next quarter!
  • 26 Paychecks Earned:
    • 2Q projection – 13
    • 2Q actual – 13
    • Tuesday will mark my one year mark with the company. That absolutely blows my mind. Not only have I not done that since 2010 but it hardly feels like I’ve been in Charlotte that long. I even signed a new lease in my apartment last week, so we’re breaking into new territory! Since the last update, I’ve gotten a nice raise, a lot more responsibility, and closer to the team I work with. Still loving where I am at the moment!
  • 12 Books Read:
    • 2Q projection – 6
    • 2Q actual – 12
    • My second 2013 resolution has been met! I actually slowed down the pace and only managed four books this quarter: Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, Lightning, Tidewater Murder, and Lost & Found. My mom’s second Carolina Slade book was the favorite this time around. The Charlie sequel was a little weird without the feel-good side that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory had. Lightning was an entertaining story but nothing fantastic. Lost & Found was terrible. So my mom wins by default, even if I am related to the author and not really a character in the book. Third quarter won’t start out super hot since the book I’m reading now (How To Be Good) is not good at all.
  • 50 Hours Volunteered:
    • 2Q projection – 25.0
    • 2Q actual – 24.25
    • So much for that heavy dent I was supposed to put in this one over summer. What was a 2 hour surplus became a 45 minute deficit. And that was only because I got two shifts in during June, with the last one being a monster 5 hour shift. Time to pick it up! I may start taking a shift during the week since it’s getting to be too hot to walk the dogs in the middle of the day for the weekday volunteers. On the plus side, this guy greets every volunteer and dog with loud grunts in the side yard now.Shelter Pig
  • 4 Trips Planned:
    • 2Q projection – 2
    • 2Q actual – 1
    • No fancy trips for me in the second quarter of 2013. I went to Charleston for the Bridge Run and that’s about it aside from regular trips back home to Chapin. San Diego only spent 5 weeks in DC then vanished into the wilderness of New Hampshire, so I couldn’t make those trips. Then work got busy. But a big group of us are going camping on Lake Murray for the 4th. So I’m probably going to cheat and count that one. I really want to get to Glacier National Park in Montana but I think I’ve run out of time to plan that one this year before they shut down for the season. I’m seriously considering a trip to the Dry Tortugas National Park though. I’d absolutely love to camp a night there.
  • 2 Posts Written:
    • 2Q projection – 52
    • 2Q actual – 37
    • What ground I gained in the running resolution, I lost in this one. I was only four posts down after three months but now I’m down 15. Whoa, slacker! I’ve been better recently though – three of the last four weeks have had multiple posts. I just haven’t done anything exciting or had anything exceptional to say that wasn’t already included in my “What I Learned” Friday entries. I want to take a trip to the zoo (in NC and SC!) in the near future. I’ve had a working draft on a few posts for a month or so now. I’ll do better at converting those into real posts.
  • 80 Percent Achieved:
    • 2Q projection – 2.5 games
    • 2Q actual – 1 games
    • I’m making a little progress on this one. It’s deceiving but it’s being made. I got the achievements from NCAA Football 12 from 72% to 95%. So that’s the one I’ve finished up. Tomb Raider’s close, having from from 54% to 74%. That should take a weekend to knock out at some point. I also started playing The Walking Dead. It’s in episodic form and I’m through three of the five episodes (60% achievements). They take about two hours an episode to get through, so as soon as I buy the next two episodes, I should have that one wrapped up too. Still not worried a bit about this one.
  • 1 Date Taken:
    • 2Q projection – 0.50?
    • 2Q actual – 2
    • No second quarter dates, which leaves me at the same point. If it happens, it happens. But with this one having already been met, I’ve got bigger fish to fry in the second half of 2013!

    Are you still keeping up with your resolutions? If so, how are you doing?

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