What I Learned: June 28

  • The Ten Minute Podcast is quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long, long time. Based on a recommendation from a coworker, I gave a few episodes a shot and I’m hooked now. So the episodes have been added to my iPod to get me through the work days, in addition to Podcast Unlocked and Major Nelson’s podcast. Because I’m not a nerd at all…
  • Running with Karen – an online blogging pal of Nanu’s Nation – kicked off her Virtual 5K on Monday. Combined with a raffle to raise money for TeamFox and a cure for Parkinson’s, it’s a neat little idea. Sure, you don’t get the tshirt (what runner doesn’t have a million of those anyways?) or the thrill of running through swarms of people. But I ran my 5K for it on Monday and was surprised at how much my mentality changed. It wasn’t just a regular run during the week for me. I treated it like a race and had no problem finishing up my 3 miles. I’m definitely on board with fun, clever things like this.
  • I’m following up a terrible book (Lost & Found) with a marginally better one (How to be Good). Part of the disconnect might be that it’s an English male writer writing a somewhat dated (2001) English female lead role. But I just don’t understand the point of the book. I’m almost 100 pages into it (of 300-ish) and it’s just a wife resenting her marriage and angry husband only to have him do an about-face into this nice, forgiving, willing-to-work-at-it guy. She thinks about things, then changes her mind, then feels guilty, and finally, the cycle starts all over again. But since I can’t not finish a story, I’ll keep being a trooper and trudging along. I need to make better decisions.
  • Somehow, I’ve become one of those pet owners who leaves the Animal Planet channel on for their dog when they leave the house. I’ve always left something on. It used to be ESPN, then I shifted to streaming Spotify stations for Harper. But I stumbled onto the Animal Planet a couple of weeks ago and got hooked somewhere along the way. A lot of their shows are stupid but some are fascinating! Off the Hook and Call of the Wildman are the shows you know are dumb but they’re so crazy, you can’t look away. Tanked and North Woods Law are super interesting. But River Monsters is my favorite. It’s addictive and makes me want to go fishing as soon as I walk in the door.
  • Under The Dome began Monday night on CBS. I’m still on the fence, so far. I’m leery about it being a Stephen King-adapted show, as his stories almost never translate well onto the screen. Another common King characteristic, I wasn’t a fan at all of the ending explanation of how the dome came to be. It’s also a thousand page book, so plenty details are going to get cut. However, I do like the fact that it’s a summer 13-week mini-series instead of a regular, reoccurring series. It should be short, sweet, and to the point without having to beef up extra story lines. Also, I’m a fan of the reporter, Rachelle Lefevre. Freckles, curls, and red hair? She’s definitely not unattractive.

Last weekend in Charlotte before the holiday camping weekend extraordinaire in Chapin on the lake. It’s also the last weekend in June which absolutely blows my mind (and reminds me I need to update my resolutions). So I’m planning to take it easy, read, volunteer at the shelter Saturday, and stuff my face with pizza with the remaining time.

It’s been nice knowing ya, June!

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2 Responses to What I Learned: June 28

  1. Karen says:

    Thanks for the shout out again and for joining in on my Virtual 5K. I’ll have to do it again next year and hopefully be better at creating a buzz around it.

    Oh… and… you can stop reading the book if it’s awful and it does sound awful! 🙂

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