What I Learned: June 21

  • I let myself be talked into the Charlotte ROC Race in August. A coworker was super excited about it, needed some more people on her team, and asked if I wanted to give it a shot, since she knows I run. It was a tad expensive (a little more than $50 after processing fees). But this will be my first “fun run” that isn’t simply a road or trail race.
  • Pillows and sheets are crazy expensive! I went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond this week to pick up new pillows and wound up spending $40 a piece (!!) for two queen-size pillows. And that was no where near the most expensive. I was going to buy some pillow covers that matched my comforter until I realized those were $30 for two. Uh no. Maybe I’m too frugal. Or maybe I’m still too much of a single guy. But that seems like an awful lot of money to spend on stuff that goes on a bed.
  • A group of us at work hit up the newly opened Culver’s this week for lunch. I’d never been but there were a couple of Midwesterners who spoke highly of it. The best comparison I’ve been able to make is Dairy Queen only with way better food. They have ButterBurgers that are amazing! And they have a different flavor of ice cream each day. And fried cheese curds! I’ll definitely be back that way in the near future.
  • Another weekend in Chapin, another weekend working on my brother & sister in law’s new house. This time, I was tasked with pressure washing the deck. And oddly enough, it was really soothing and relaxing. I was also given the job of fixing the burgers on Sunday for Father’s Day. So apparently I’m cornering the burger & cookie market.
  • More Xbox One news! The good news is that they reversed their course on the always-online, no-used-games policy. That means you can buy and sell used games now. And you can play any game, any where, any time without an internet connection. Unfortunately, that also means the new console loses one of the coolest features it was supposed to have. You were going to be able to select 10 members on your friends list to share all of your installed, downloaded games with. If I bought a game, it was required for me to install it on my hard drive, and any one of my ten friends then had access to it. But since the always-online feature to validate your game purchases is gone, the system will now require the disc to be in the console to play it. Bummer!

Big birthday weekend at the Lazy 5 Ranch for one of my coworker’s daughter. Yup, I’m going to be the awkward, creepy-ish single, childless guy at a young kid’s birthday party. But it’s going to be a blast because I love me some animals!

Enjoy your start to summer!

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5 Responses to What I Learned: June 21

  1. The burgers were good!

  2. Aunt Lisa says:

    Bed Bath & Beyond constantly has 20% off coupons floating around. Try getting on their email or US mailing list.

    • Also, when you get your hands on one of those coupons, you can take it back in with your receipt and get the discount retroactively.

    • Thanks Aunt Lisa! I’m not normally big on mailing lists since I don’t seem to stay in one place that long. But I’ll keep a look out around the mailboxes here! I think I’ve seen some around before.

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