What I Learned: June 14

  • Apartment hunting did not go so well. I did a drive by on a good many of the SouthEnd apartments first. I’m either out-priced (where do I get a job where I can afford $1500 rent?) or out-Harpered. A lot of the places accept dogs but very few have much green area to walk her, much less let her off leash. I looked around SouthPark but didn’t have much luck there either. The complex down the road I really liked told me I could only have a ground floor apartment due to Harper’s weight (which is fine) but charged extra since it has an alarm system and the ground floors are all hardwood floor instead of carpet… which doesn’t work when you have a heavy dog. So that’s a little counterproductive. Saturday left me frustrated, to say the least.
  • On top of the apartment fiasco, this week was a rough one. At work, we moved from huge cubes into a tiny, cramped room. I do have two desks, so I’ve got it a little better than the others. And we have a huge wall of windows. Since it’s such tight quarters, we’ve bonded really well as a team too. But that also means I’ve gotten less work done. I have a hard enough time keeping up with my workload as it is. Then an audit report I sent to a coworker three weeks ago just got looked over this week and there are more questions after we’re out of compliance. So that was amazing. I was so shot by Wednesday night that I fell asleep on the couch at 8:30 and slept until my alarm at 6:30. I’ve been a huge grump this week, if that wasn’t apparent.
  • One good thing is that my new peanut butter blossom cookies went over great. Actually, it might be an adjective that’s better than great. People gushed over them. I took about 30 cookies and they were gone in a hurry. So it looks like I’ve got another one to add to the pile of cookie recipes.
  • This year’s E3 was intense! Both Sony and Microsoft had previously announced their new consoles but they had their company conferences Monday. In February, Sony talked a big game about the PS4 but skirted a lot of details and didn’t even show their console. In May, Microsoft lost a lot of steam with their Xbox One because they focused on the entertainment aspects instead of the gaming base who are the early adopters and buy the majority of the consoles. Monday afternoon, Microsoft killed it on the games front but fell really flat with their DRM requirements, making it nearly impossible to buy/sell used games, and the $499 price tag. Then Sony’s conference missed on the exclusive games they have but destroyed Microsoft on the consumer front. They blatantly called Microsoft out by saying there is no online requirement, no issues with buying or selling used games, and the price point is $100 cheaper at $399. They also launched a snarky URL – www.XboxDone.com – that originally pointed to Amazon’s pre-order site for the PS4 and now points to the Playstation blog.
  • I know E3 is supposed to drum up support anyways but I’m already pumped about the next 6 to 12 months of games that are supposed to come out. GTA V is in September 17. Batman: Arkham Origins is October 25. Watch Dogs is November 19. South Park: The Stick of Truth is holiday time in 2013. Microsoft teased a Black Tusk AAA game (late 2014 to mid 2015, I’m sure) and a new Halo game (2014). There’s D4 (Xbox One exclusive), Destiny (from Bungie, the original makers of Halo), Quantum Break (Xbox One exclusive with parallel live-action episodic content), Thief, and The Walking Dead: 400 Days (add on episode to the already amazing series). Looks like my wallet is going to be hurting bad. But at least I’ve got birthday and Christmas ideas!

Down to Chapin for the Father’s Day weekend. My step dad’s there, we’ll give my dad a call Sunday, and I’m sure there will be hijinx for my soon-to-be-a-dad brother.

So if you’re a dad reading this, enjoy your weekend! And thanks for teaching us kids about sports.

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