What I Learned: May 31

  • The Hangover 3 was okay. Better than the second one but not nearly as funny as the first. It only cost me $5.50 though, so I can’t be mad at that. For some reason, the French call it Very Bad Trip 3… so there’s that

  • The Post & Courier hired a new Clemson beat writer. I’m about to go all internet-diva on you but I’m a little disappointed in him so far. The last one (@Sawchik_Trib if you’re a Pittsburgh Pirates fan) was great at providing new insight and interacting on his blog and twitter with the readers. The new guy’s first blog was a unique, fun way of introducing himself. I’m of the mindset that if I read and enjoy an entry, I leave a comment. So I typed up a response, hoping to continue the conversation I had with the previous writer. It’s been almost three days with no response to me or another commenter. And the entries following have just seemed like cut & paste from the print articles. Here’s to hoping the coverage becomes more reader friendly.
  • I’m going to look into canceling my cable TV. I’ve got cable, Internet, & phone bundled through Time Warner. I tried to cancel the phone service since I don’t use it and they told me my bill would go up. Because that makes sense… I could buy individual shows I watch from iTunes and as long as I didn’t spend $50-ish a month on shows, I’d come out saving money. The only problem would be football season. Do I sign up for cable for 5-ish months a year? Is that worth saving $300 or so? This wouldn’t be an issue if My ESPN Xbox app worked through Time Warner Internet, AT&T U-Verse serviced my area, or some genius created an a la carte cable company. #FirstWorldProblems
  • I’m in a huge list-making mood. I’m in the process of creating a list of National Parks I want to see (Glacier in Montana and Dry Tortugas in Florida top the list), cities I want to visit (anywhere in Hawaii & Boston), and long term goals. I even keep a running Post It note at work for everything I want to get done that day and week. I think I enjoy making and attempting lists more than actually completing them or crossing things off.
  • Stripping wallpaper for Memorial Day isn’t nearly as amazing as it sounds. We put forth a family effort to help my brother and sister in law out on their new house. Part of me eased up to the idea of ever buying a house. I can see some of the value in it now. You can see the progress being made. And then part of me cringed at the amount of money it’s costing them to get what they want done. So we’ll see. It also might add Columbia back to the list of possible places to wind up. Greenville is still #1 on that list, which Charlotte behind it. But I’m a sucker for being near family. I’m in no rush though – Charlotte’s still home for the near future.

Volunteering Saturday morning. Fall Out Boy’ing Saturday night. I’m so incredibly pumped for this!

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  1. hopeclark says:

    (Me, trying not to say anything….ooh, ooh)

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