What I Learned: May 17

  • I’ve been invited to a soon-to-be three year old’s birthday party. I’m guessing I’ll be one of the only attendees without a kid. And I’m 99% sure I’ll be the only single one there. But at least it’s at the Lazy 5 Ranch. So animals!
  • 2013 is turning out to be pretty spectacular. I saw a baby panda, love my job, and made a good friend. My brother and sister in law moved closer, bought a house, both got new jobs they’re excited about, and are having a kid! My mom’s second book came out. Second half of the year… you better bring it!
  • Marianas Trench is coming to Charlotte June 5th! Tickets are only $20 too (the perks of liking unknown Canadian bands in the Southern US)! Chances are, I’ll be just coming off of my June 1st Fall Out Boy high. So it’s perfect timing. I don’t even care that I’m going alone. I will terribly sing my lungs out!
  • I had a surprisingly good time at my mom’s book release party this past weekend. Normally, I hate social functions. I’m terrible at small talk. I usually have no interest in the conversation. But when the spotlight’s on someone else and I get to play dress up, let the fun begin!

Tidewater Murder Party

  • This week’s been painfully reflective. A conversation I had Monday became a lot more serious than I was expecting. So I’ve questioned every decision since then. Tuesday, I stumbled across this blog entry about learning something from every relationship that really hit home. Tuesday night, the New Girl season finale (still the best show!) was about mistakes, miscommunication, choices, and relationships. Finally, last night, The Office series finale kept with the theme. It’s always great to see shows go out on their own terms – it’s when the writers are at their best. But it’s also sad parting ways with people you feel like you know and relate to. The episode took place a year after the last previous episode, so it dealt a lot with everyone’s path, choices, and consequences. The ‘Nard Dog may have said it best… “I wish that you knew you were in the good ol’ days before you’ve left them.”

Is it bad that I thought about volunteering this weekend only to back out once I saw the forecast called for rain Saturday and Sunday? I love spending time with the dogs. But my girl is the only one I love enough to spend time with in the rain.

Ready or not video games and Iron Man 3… Here I come!

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One Response to What I Learned: May 17

  1. hopeclark says:

    Thanks for coming to my book release party, Nanu. It was indeed a lot of fun.

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