What I Learned: May 10

  • I’m really enjoying running right now. I was doing 6 miles (2 miles on 3 days) a week until that became comfortable. I’ve been bumping one of the 2 mile runs to 3 miles each week. This week was 3 on Monday and Wednesday and I’ll get my 2 in this weekend. My schedule, along with the sunny late-spring weather, are great mood-boosters.
  • I’m also really liking my job. The only one left in the office, I worked an hour and a half late yesterday, on the phone with technical support for a program we use. I hate working late and I loathe talking on the phone. Yet I left at 6:30 with a smile because it was simply fulfilling to figure out the problem I was having and tell tech support how to do their job fix the issue.
  • I need good, new TV shows. I don’t watch that many but it seems like they’re all gone now. House ended in 2012. The Office comes to an end in 6 days. Breaking Bad wraps up for good this summer. Glee is wearing out its welcome with a bloated cast and ridiculous story. The Following became terrible/laughable in a hurry. USA Network is still going strong with Suits and Burn Notice though! And New Girl is my jam… if people still say that.
  • I would rather burn bridges or step on toes and wind up on my own, being passionate about what I believe in, than I would compromise for people’s (perceived?) flaws. To be fair, I would have no problem with someone having a problem with my flaws.
  • My momma did good. I finished reading her second novel, Tidewater Murder, last night. I read the rough draft last summer and ripped apart the ending. Her editor eventually did too, so I like to think I’m smarter than a professional publisher. But Chope really reworked the story to make it a lot better once it finally hit the shelves. I’ll get your Amazon review up in a few days! I already gave you 5 stars on Goodreads. Oh… and Ivy’s still my favorite.

Heading back home this weekend. One of the neighbors is hosting my mom for a book release party Saturday evening. So I’m baking some cookies to bring, having fun dressing ridiculous for it, and introducing myself to anyone I don’t know as being in “the author’s entourage”. I’m such a passive-aggressive outgoing introvert. And then Sunday is obviously Mother’s Day.

So if you have a mom, tell her she’s doing at least a mediocre job at what she does. And if you are a mom, congratulations on being average or better! 🙂

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6 Responses to What I Learned: May 10

  1. Karen says:

    Sounds like your mom will have a terrific Mother’s Day weekend. I’m sure you’ll be a great addition to her entourage.

  2. hopeclark says:

    LOL – the party might not be as large as we expected thanks to Mother’s Day, but we’ll make it fun anyway. You’re helping me fix the goodies on Saturday! – – – So happy you liked the ending. A lot of words and ideas got cast to the side before it was all over with, but we made it better! Thanks for the compliments, Sweetie.

  3. Kim says:

    Agree on Suits ❤ Haven't been totally in love with Burn Notice in awhile, but I still watch. This coming season is their last. I hope things wrap up nicely by the end and it's not some dumb ending.

    • Whoa, long time, no chat! I’m the same way with Burn Notice. The episodes are over-the-top ridiculous and a lot of the basic plot lines seem to be the same. But it’s one of those shows that’s still somewhat entertaining and I feel like I’ve got to be loyal to. I didn’t know this was the last season coming up though, so scratch another show of mine off the list!

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