What I Learned: May 3

  • I don’t miss Facebook one bit. I deactivated my account almost three weeks ago just so I could concentrate on other things. Facebook is a great tool for a lot of things but sometimes, I feel like it’s better to unplug from the constant flow of information. Admittedly, I have no idea when almost anyone’s birthday is now…
  • I do miss keeping a daily journal. I started reading through my journal from last year this past weekend. It’s fun seeing the ups and downs I was going through at any given time. Reading about how bad my job situation was helps keep things in perspective about how much I enjoy my current gig.
  • My Mexican Hot Chocolate cookies have been an adventure. I couldn’t find Mexican hot chocolate to use in the recipe, so I winged it last weekend with Swiss Miss mix and wound up with the first picture below. Then the awesome Mexican/Spanish/Latino (Latina?)/Whatever-PC-term Escrow VP helped me find where to buy some for the potluck today. So my second attempt wound up a lot closer to the pictures on the recipe. They’ve been accepted into the Jerdan cookie rotation. Embrace the Matty Crocker persona!


  • Speaking of the Escrow VP and adventures, a group of us work folk was supposed to go to lunch Monday at Cabo Fish Taco. We drive all the way there only to find the majority of their kitchen in the side street being cleaned and the dining room completely empty. “Scheduled maintenance” had them closed Monday and Tuesday. While that was a bummer, we settled on Pinky’s Westside Grill as Plan B. I’ve been wanting to try it, so I was pumped. I had the White Trash Burger (provolone, spicy ranch, fried pickles, and onion rings… on the burger!) and it was delicious.
  • Silver Linings Playbook came out Tuesday. So clearly, I had to buy it. It’s easily in my top two or three movies ever made. My favorite movies have somewhat broken, eccentric, left-of-center characters: Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Kevin Spacey & Wes Bentley in American Beauty, Will Ferrell in Stranger Than Fiction, and now Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook. They’re relatable to me. I’m not bipolar, have social issues, or battle depression. But my path isn’t the normal one most people take during their first 30 years. I’ve quit jobs to take risks. I’m single and have absolutely no problem with it. I have impossibly high standards for myself, I’m unreasonably stubborn, and I’m incredibly selfish. Yet I can acknowledge all of that and positively embrace every one of those characteristics. I like quirky, unique, characters with faults… because I’m one of them!

All you need to know about my weekend is this…

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4 Responses to What I Learned: May 3

  1. Karen says:

    Only 2 comments…. We’re all quirky… Embrace the quirkiness…. And… Love the pic of your mom’s new book.

  2. Awww, thanks Sweetie. And I was going to buy you Silver Linings Playbook for your birthday, but since it’s in November, I waited, knowing you’d probably pick it up. Do I know you or what? Looking forward to your Mexican cookies for the book release party on the 11th!

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