What I Learned: April 12

  • Tuesdays are busy, busy, busy in April! On the 2nd, my dad was in town to visit and see my apartment during his annual trip back to the “Lower 48.” A week later on the 9th, San Diego spent a night in town on her way back to DC. The 16th is a dentist appointment. And the 23rd, a friend has a flight out of town, so she’ll be here then too.
  • I won the Bridge Run among our family members! I ran the 10K in 1:10:13. Nothing fast but not bad for not having run since January. It was my 6th in a row. On a side note, the female winner (32:17) was faster than female wheelchair winner (37:10) almost by 5 minutes. That’s crazy to out run someone on wheels! To put it in perspective, the male wheelchair winner (25:59) beat the male winner (28:05) by over 2 minutes.
  • Speaking of which, Insanity does not help for long distance runs. I’m sure my endurance was fine but I could hardly walk Monday and Tuesday. Going up and down stairs made me want to cry. Definitely made a mental note to run before any more races.
  • I’m in a “Buy something big” mood. I blame my family. During his stay, my dad showed me some of the land and houses he’s scoping out in SC for his retirement place and I got jealous. First, there was an amazing piece of land with a huge stream running through the property, which is exactly what I want. Second, it’s in the Clemson area, which is where I want to be. And then my brother & sister in law just bought their first house in Columbia, SC this week. I haven’t seen it but word on the street is that it’s pretty snazzy for it being their starter home. Even if it is in Columbia, SC. I’m happy for all involved. But I want my mountain property even more now!
  • I’m supposed to be getting a raise! After only 9 months! And it’s a bigger raise than I’ve gotten at all other jobs combined. So the list of positives at this job keep growing longer and longer.

It’s a quiet weekend for me. Between the running last weekend, San Diego during the week, and working late most nights, I’m just crashing on the couch this weekend to hit the reset button. I’m in a Master’s pool at work, so I’m sure I’ll watch more golf this weekend than I’ve ever watched in my life.

Hope the weather’s as beautiful for you this weekend as it’s supposed to be in Charlotte!

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One Response to What I Learned: April 12

  1. And you forgot you’re having dinner with your most illustrious family member tomorrow night!

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