What I Learned: March 29

  • I’ve been in an absolutely sour mood all week. I can’t figure out what’s causing it. I can’t shake it. It’s going to cause problems before all is said and done. The upswing has to be right around the corner.
  • I’m a little more than 100 pages into Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer and it’s intense. The book’s about his personal account of his 1996 Everest climb gone wrong. Like “people died” gone wrong. No worries though, parents – This book doesn’t make me want to climb Mt. Everest.
  • Insanity is no joke. Monday marked the start of my sixth week. I’m not following it to a T – I’ve missed 11 of the 34 workouts (mainly Fridays and Saturdays) – but I’m still seeing solid results. My “Fit Test” numbers have more than doubled in some instances. The true test will be in a week when I give the Bridge Run a go without getting any runs in beforehand.
  • My favorite Clemson beat writer is moving on. He’s been on the beat for four years and was good enough to make me read the news in a newspaper online in a town I haven’t lived in for 20 years. He’s a numbers-geek like I am. And I was active enough on his blog to be recognized by name in his “Farewell” entry. But it’s hard to fault a native Ohioan for moving north to be closer to family, cover a pro sports team (Pirates), and live in a huge sports town (Pittsburgh). So best of luck, Travis!
  • I think it might be time for another breather from Facebook. I need a break from all of the craziness for awhile. Tuesday brought a wave of the Human Rights Campaign‘s red equal sign logo as profile pictures. Social media has ruined most people’s ability to formulate an argument without becoming overly aggressive or defensive and be civil with one another. Not to mention a picture on Facebook does nothing to further the “equal rights” movement. Yet there everyone was, claiming to support the cause. Wednesday brought silly comments by several friends and family members that have since strained relationships. Thursday brought out the pregnant people pictures. I can think of at least six of my Facebook pals rocking the fetus at the moment. I know what several someones got for Christmas…

This weekend will be much welcomed for this guy. Tonight, I’m breaking the healthy eating streak and grabbing a pizza. Saturday, I think I’m going to run away with Harper to see how she does hiking with me at Crowders mountain. Free outdoor adventures? Don’t mind if I do! And Sunday will be cookie baking and apartment cleaning to get ready for my pre-Charleston visit with my dad, in town from Alaksa.

See ya next month!

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2 Responses to What I Learned: March 29

  1. Have to admit that your blog is way more interesting than your FB, so why not stick to Twitter and NanusNation? I also dislike the highly opinionated ones who take the easy way to express themselves by posting on FB. Then they get bothered when someone gets opinionated with them. So, so silly. There’s a reason I live out in the country, on the lake. And the vitriolic voices online at my FB page get unfriended. Gotta keep your life filled with good things, and your causes focused, not alienating. Good for you!

    • Did you just call my FB boring? 😉 I would like to concentrate more on my blog (both in content and design) so it might be a good project to take on and ditch FB for awhile

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