What I Learned: March 22

  • Cooking is hard work. This past weekend, I sat down to pick out some new recipes and give this “eat healthier” thing a shot. I’m not a big snacker and my kitchen isn’t stocked with frozen, pre-made, preservative-filled foods as it is. But if it’s not chips & salsa, refried beans & burritos, eggs, or hamburgers & tater tots, it’s MIA from my kitchen. First, when you’re a single dude who eats PB&J for lunch every day, you’re missing 75% of every ingredient on any given “grown up” recipe. That gets expensive. Second, cooking wastes a bunch of time between planning it out and actually doing it. Spending 20 minutes to make chicken Caesar wraps or stir fry is overrated when it takes 5 minutes to make an egg sandwich and salad or heat some refried beans for Mexican. But $120 later, I walked out of the store with oatmeal, bananas, apples, pears, oranges, chicken breasts, three kinds of salad (cole slaw, spinach for salads, and Romaine for my wraps), yogurt, etc. We’ll see how long this lasts…
  • Who would have thought a 110 lb bull mastiff would be easier to walk than a 20 lb Australian sheep dog mix? I’m normally the only guy volunteering the Saturdays and Sundays I go in, so the women normally ask me if I mind walking the dogs anytime we’ve got a big one on the run. So I took my first triple digit boy for a walk (before him, my biggest had been a 90 lb German Shepard who walked like he weighed less than Harper) and he was a piece of cake. Then later in the morning, I was drug all over the yard outside by a high-energy sheep dog mix that was a fifth the weight. Crazy!
  • I had my first Dave & Buster’s Wednesday. We had a work sponsored team building outing with our team and the Cash group. The idea is to meet some of the people you only know by email address and build rapport and camaraderie. But really, who’s going to say no to free dinner, free arcade games, and leaving work 2 and a half hours early? I got to meet some new people and I left with a multi-colored mohawk from all of the tokens our Loan Admin group won in an afternoon-long competition with a Cash group.
  • I learned that I haven’t learned my lesson. First, the NCAA tournament started yesterday. So that means I’m $20 down for bracket entries at work and in my old job’s pool. I’m already down four games through the first day. Goodbye $20. Second, my brother and I run a fantasy baseball league. The draft is Sunday, which is normally awesome. But that’s another $10 I stand little chance of getting back. Now I’m down $30. And finally, the Masters starts in three weeks I think. The golf-crazed guys at work run a pool for the four major tournaments. I know nothing about golf but I love picking random people/teams I have no control over to try and beat friends for cash! That’s another $10, bringing the total of money I might as well set on fire to $40 in the next three weeks.
  • I finished my 7th book this year on Tuesday night. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is a ridiculously over-the-top 80s-centric video game book set in the future around an MMO game. It’s not a book for everyone. But I was born in the 80s, love video games, and I’m nerdy enough to get most of the references, so I really enjoyed it. So much so, I think I’m going to buy a NES and slowly build up all of the games I used to have growing up. $100-ish isn’t too bad. I think it’s a sound investment! How can it not be awesome to play Mario on a 40 inch flat screen TV?

After that money-centric entry (it is payday afterall…), I’m bolting Charlotte for a family weekend in Chapin after work. My brother & sister in law are in town so it’ll be good to visit and watch basketball. I might get to grab lunch with an old friend and catch up on Sunday too. So my plans are solid. Hopefully yours are as well!

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2 Responses to What I Learned: March 22

  1. hopeclark says:

    Chicken jerk sandwiches for dinner. It’s in the crock pot now! Might get your strong back (with your brother’s ) to move a sofa for me. Steaks and shrimp on Sunday!

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