What I Learned: March 15

  • I will be moving in August. The only thing I miss about Raleigh (aside from being 3 miles from my brother and sister in law) was my amazing apartment. It was huge, on the 4th floor overlooking wetlands, and really modern. When I shopped in Charlotte, the only nice places I found were in Southend. Aside from the $1500/month rent, there wasn’t a lot of room to walk Harper. But Saturday, San Diego and I stumbled across a super nice, new apartment complex over my way. I’m patting myself on the back for having not already broken my lease.
  • Bad Daddy’s sauce is amazing (another family, “That’s what she said” joke to be had there…)! Going off of a coworker’s recommendation, SD and I went to lunch there Saturday. I went with the Bacon Cheeseburger on Steroids – bacon salt, 3 pieces of jalapeno bacon, 3 pieces of applewood bacon, and bacon mayo. Uh yes! But also, their tater tots come with Bad Daddy’s sauce. The waitress said it was mayonnaise, barbeque sauce, and chipotle sauce. AMAZING! The cookies and cream milkshake was just okay, if you’re looking for a chink in the armor.
  • This image blows my mind. They’re not exactly the same angle/location but both were taken in the Vatican at the announcement of the last two Popes. It’s okay to step away from this crazy world of technology every now and then…

  • Happy hour went surprisingly well – much better than the last one. We went to Jackalope Jack’s, so not only did I get to see a new part of town, I got to try a new place to eat. At work, I’m in a weird place in that I’m single like the young crowd but in the same age bracket as the married-with-kids crowd. It was mainly the youngin’s though, so it was cool to get to know a couple of them better outside of work.
  • I finished A Walk In The Woods this week and now I feel like I need some nature goals. The next couple of weekends are already spoken for but I’m going to look into some campgrounds within driving distance to spend a night or two. Especially since the annual summer camping trip is probably out – I’m not sure my sister in law wants to camp in the hottest months while she’s toting Fetus Jerdan. At the very least, I need to find some day hikes. Preferably with waterfalls. Even though the song said to don’t go chasing them.

It’s a volunteer weekend, so getting my March hours in! But other than that, I’m a pretty boring guy this week. Have a good one!

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