What I Learned: March 8

  • Tomb Raider is an excellent game. I can already report that I’ve wasted at least 8 hours playing it since I picked it up Tuesday night. My life really is one fortune and floor piano away from being an exact replica of Big.
  • I spent most of Thursday night trying to teach my brother SQL. He’s getting it but I’m completely worn out from it. Props to teachers who do that on a daily basis. Except in the summer… Because they don’t work the whole year! Zing!
  • I’m going to be an uncle! My brother and sister in law are expecting their first. Since the only thing I’ve raised has been Harper, I’m going to teach my new niece or nephew the coolest dog tricks!
  • The Clemson/Georgia game on August 31st was announced this week as an 8 PM kickoff on ABC. This means a couple of things. College Gameday will probably be there. Second, I will be buying four tickets: one to indoctrinate San Diego to all things Clemson football, one for my brother pre-baby, and I’ll let the rest of you fight it out for the last one. Less than 6 months!
  • I’ll clump several writing things together in one bullet. First, there are a lot of cool things buried in this blog post on Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling. It makes me want to sit down and create some characters. Second, my mom’s covers have been unveiled for both her new nonfiction book and the next Carolina Slade book.

I’m rocking a quiet busy weekend in Charlotte. Happy Hour with work guys at a new place followed by a mad dash to clean the apartment. Tomorrow, San Diego comes to Charlotte. And Sunday, I lose an hour. Jerks.

Until next time!

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5 Responses to What I Learned: March 8

  1. hopeclark says:

    Lots of new stuff in the family! Yay for baby, brother, football and new books! BTW, does San Diego have a real name?

  2. Karen says:

    Congrats on the niece or nephew! Very cool! Definitely teach that little one dog tricks plus a few other things that uncles, but not parents can teach kids. 🙂

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