What I Learned: March 1

  • I’m famous! I told you I’d let you guys know if that whale video ever surfaced. It’s not the amazing interview with the captain but at least it’s something. Fast forward to 5:08. I’m the gigantic purple person. And San Diego is rocking her scarf sari-style… clearly mocking the Indian family on the boat.
  • Harper’s famous too! My cousin spent the night with me Monday night and enjoyed watching Harper’s tricks so much, she felt the need to give us our Vine debut.
  • Speaking of which, it looks like she might be moving to Durham, NC! That makes me super happy because it’ll give me another person to visit in the Triangle-area and her route back home to her family will take her through Charlotte. I’m pumped to see her more often.
  • Pope Benedict XVI became the first pope in almost 600 years to resign on Thursday. It’s been over 700 years for a pope to resign without external pressure being applied. The whole situation seems super fishy. He cited his age as the reason for stepping down but I’m having a hard time buying that there’s not something else behind the scenes driving the decision. But you can’t hate on a dude confident enough to only follow himself on twitter… in 8 different languages. Even if the Vatican did delete all of his old tweets. Rude!
  • I’ve got the nature itch again. I’m reading A Walk In The Woods by Bill Bryson about his Appalachian Trail hike (Quirky side note: It’s awesome that his friend, Matthew’s – my name -pseudonym in the book is Stephen – my brother’s name). I’m 95% sure I don’t have the mental makeup to attempt a thru-hike (~2200 miles in one season) or even a sectional-hike (the whole thing over several trips) but it would be awesome to do more than like a weekend on it at some point. Any takers?

Even though I went to dinner in Columbia on Wednesday for my brother’s birthday (I sent him this online like the amazing brother I am), I’m heading down to Chapin for a much needed break. It doesn’t hurt we’re fixing steaks for a family friend to celebrate a new job. Family and free meat? Yes please!

Have a good one, guys.

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5 Responses to What I Learned: March 1

  1. hopeclark says:

    Looking forward to seeing you and Harper! Bummer they didn’t get a face-on pic of you and Bethany with the whales, but that’s cool! Harper performed masterfully as always in her debut (the mom in me thinks you need a haircut, though – *wink*). I’d offer to go with you on the hike, but don’t think you’d be thrilled about your mom coming on some great adventure. Drive safe!

    • Ha! Since when would you be up for like 100 miles of hiking and camping? Or Pepaw allowing it?

    • RMJinAK says:

      Your uncle Barry and I are already talking about hiking the AT after I retire. He is doing day hikes on it now. He is mentioning the thru hike but I am thinking more of the sectional hikes over a number of years. I’d like you to consider doing some of it a week at a time.

      • I would definitely be on board with something like that. I’m not sure I would get the whole thing in over time but I’d give extended hikes a shot. Both books I’ve read have gushed over the sections through Virginia and Shenandoah.

  2. hopeclark says:

    Oh, I’d tackle it . . . but Peepaw would go nuts wondering what terrorists and perverts were stalking us.

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