What I Learned: February 22

  • It is impossible to get a good picture of a black dog up close. But she’s still my girl!

Harper Face Snow     Harper Body Snow

  • This was a huge nerd gaming week! Sunday morning, Bungie unveiled Destiny. They’re famous for turning the video game industry on its head by creating Halo. And now they’re trying to do it again. It’s a first person shooter that’s set up like a social massively multiplayer online game. No menus, always connected online, and always continuing whether you’re in it playing or not. And it’s set up on a 10-year plan with full games set to release in 2013, 2015, 2017, and 2019 and an expansion pack in 2014, 2016, 2018, and 2020! I’ll be 40, playing a Bungie game. Unreal! Then on Wednesday evening, Sony unveiled the Playstation 4. I’m not a Sony fanboy but I am excited because that means the Microsoft/Xbox announcement is around the corner. Which means E3 is going to be amazing in June. And the holidays are going to be a mad dash to try and buy the new console. Because this is what normal 30 year olds do…
  • I attended my first career fair behind the table, instead of in front of it, yesterday. I went to help portray how easy it is to work for this company in the mortgage industry without having any mortgage servicing background. Unfortunately for me, all of the people we talked to had finance, accounting, or business management educations. Fortunately for the students, I didn’t have to stammer and stumble my way through a sales pitch. I did enjoy going though. I got to know two coworkers better and I have a completely new appreciation for how awkward job fairs are for both sides of participants.
  • I know absolutely nothing about professional golf. So clearly, putting $10 into an office pot to fill out an Accenture Match Play tournament bracket was a brilliant decision. The good news? I went 7-1 in the Sam Snead bracket and my overall champion, Ian Poulter, is still playing. The bad news? I went 1-6 in the Bobby Jones bracket with Fowler losing through 17 (which would make me 1-7), no more possible correct picks in the Jones bracket, and half of my final four (Schwartzel and Woods) already knocked out. Overall, I’m 18-12 with two matches left. By contrast, San Diego went 12-18 picking by coolest names. I’m only marginally better than that. With Dufner, Schwartzel, and Woods out though, half of the guys playing have lost their champion already. So I’ve still got that going for me…
  • Insanity is no joke. I’m four days into it and it’s very apparent how inflexible I am and how little stamina I have. But I’ve enjoyed it about as much as you can enjoy something you hate so far. I love that it’s all cardio, stretching, and core work since I hate weight training. It’s 9 weeks long and Saturday, I’ll have successfully made it through one week. The Bridge Run is at the end of Week 7, so hopefully that gets me ready in time.

I’m staying in to pick up the apartment and clean it up since I’m getting a surprise visit from one of my Augusta cousins next week! So that’s exciting! And then it’s a two week countdown! Have a good one, guys

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3 Responses to What I Learned: February 22

  1. Looks like Harper had fun! Boy do you sound single! LOL

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