What I Learned: February 1

  • San Diego blogs are getting hard! When your blogs are 2000 words, it’s hard to type one a day. I never know how to whittle entries down. If there are details, I’m spewing them!
  • I’m subtly excited about the next month. Saturday is my 7th month mark at work, which is awesome! Monday marks a month until a fun day! My brother might hear about his job interviews by then. It’s his birthday. I find out what the next 13 weeks brings. I’ve got a fun project to work on. Lots of fun!
  • After San Diego, I’ve got the travel bug now! Hawaii’s next on the list. Maybe a November/December gift to myself? I need to get that 50th state crossed off the list!
  • The Following on Fox is insanely amazing! It’s a series built around Edgar Allen Poe stories. With a cult. And Kevin Bacon! It’s written exactly like a book you can’t put down. If this lasts more than a season, I’ll forgive Fox for axing Chicago Code after a year.
  • It’s only been a month but I’m absolutely destroying my resolutions so far. The running’s a little slow since I only got two miles in during San Diego week. But I’ve got 17 miles so far and about to up my route to 3 miles. The job’s still going strong. I’ve finished two books and I’m halfway through the first Hunger Games one. My blog posts are up. I’m counting San Diego on my trip list, even though there was no camping. I’ve got over four hours of volunteering and I’m signed up for several weekends in February. And I crossed a date off the list. Doing work, son!

I’m taking a weekend to do absolutely nothing. And that’s it.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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4 Responses to What I Learned: February 1

  1. Karen says:

    Go to Hawaii!!!!!!!!!!! ‘Nuff said.

  2. hopeclark says:

    Hawaii – that gives me ideas for birthday and Christmas for you!
    And you definitely know I’m reading the nuances in your post, kid, except for “Monday marks a month until a fun day!” which I have no clue about.

    • Ha! I just sent a text yesterday afternoon that said “My mom knows what I’m writing. She reads between my lines.” So I know what info I’m feeding you! We’ll chat later 🙂

      And I better not wind up with leis and Hawaiian shirts for my birthday!

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