What I Learned: January 11

  • I have a love/hate relationship with the dog park. I really enjoy going to give Harper a chance to be off leash and interact with other dogs. I don’t like that it’s 7 miles away, which means I can’t go as often as I’d like. I like the time away from everything to just dog and people watch. But I’m also reminded every week how absolutely terrible I am at small talk. Two trips in two weekends and two crash and burn attempts to talk to people with dogs playing with Harper.
  • Rereading a journal is amazing and hilarious. I’ve been writing each day’s entry then going back to read what I was doing a year ago. This past weekend (01/06/13), I wrote “You know, Sundays aren’t so bad afterall. I used to dread them.” Then while reading through last year afterwards, there was this gem (01/08/12): “I’m never a huge Sunday fan. It always feels like they’re wasted being lazy and getting ready for the week.” Couldn’t have planned that better. Maybe I just have the same thoughts every year.
  • This story is fascinating for some reason to me. I put it on Facebook yesterday but I thought I’d share it for the blog crowd too. It’s a powerful, surreal picture.


  • I don’t know whether to enjoy or loathe work right now. It’s absolutely killing me lately. I’ve stayed late who knows how many days and I still can’t catch up with the work coming in. I’m so frustrated that I got sarcastic with a manager and it was completely unintentional. I don’t want to be like that. But on the other hand, the people I work with make it such a lighthearted environment. So I can at least smile while I’m hating work.
  • My brother told me about an interview he’s got in the Maryland-area later today. Selfishly, that stinks for me since it leaves a handful of extended weekends and maybe a random trip or two north as the only times I’ll see him (or my sister-in-law). No more random football weekends. But it’s a job he really wants. And I think moving somewhere that you know almost no one is really good in the grand scheme of things. You learn a lot about yourself and it gets you out of your normal comfort zone. So I’m sending out good vibes to The Old Line state today. Good luck, Stephen!

This weekend, I plan on sleeping as many hours as humanly possible. And spending it at the dog park, since the weather’s calling for highs of 73 both days. I may be awkward and not know how to talk to people but I definitely know how to enjoy a nice day outside.

Nanu out!

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5 Responses to What I Learned: January 11

  1. Karen says:

    Keep working on that small talk. Most people think it’s hard including me. You’ll get better!

  2. hopeclark says:

    Half the people in this world are introverts and struggle with small talk. You’ll connect. Keep trying. And keep going back to the dog park where you know you have something in common. Oh, and that picture (and the story) was awesome! (And Go Stephen!)

    • Wasn’t it cool? I loved the line about the kid not knowing the difference between that day and Halloween.

      • RMJinAK says:

        Regarding the small talk: ask questions about the other person to get them talking instead of you (e.g., what do you like about that breed, or why did you pick that type of dog; are you from here; etc.) You love facts, and meeting people you don’t know is a chance to get facts that you don’t already have! Here in AK, I always ask, What brought you to here? That usually leads to a lot of conversation, even if they are from AK. I loved the story behind the picture – made me wonder what “Josh” is now like, at age 22 or so.

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