What I Learned: January 4

  • Jadeveon Clowney is filthy. You’ll never see another hit like this.
  • It’s amazing what a change in scenery can do. Wednesday was my 6 month mark at work in Charlotte. That means that as of today, I’ll have been here two more days than I lasted in Raleigh. It feels like I just started here. It felt like I was there for years at the Raleigh position.
  • Music makes life better. I got a new iPod for Christmas and spent New Year’s Day getting it up and running. Since then, the work days have flown by. Eight hours at work is nothing a little Fallout Boy can’t fix.
  • You really do feel better when you exercise. I got an early start on one of my resolutions Wednesday after work. I logged a mile on the treadmill (ugh!) at the gym. I made the mistake of running on one in front of a mirror though. My right foot flares out when I run, so I spent the entire time obsessing how to tweak my stride to fix it.
  • Tajh Boyd’s 4th and 16 throw to Nuk Hopkins (at 1:49 in the clip) is one of the best passes I’ve ever seen in college football. The two TD passes to him were on the money as well. But the window he had to fit the ball in on the game-saving play wasn’t much bigger than the ball itself. Love me some Clemson Tigers!

Even with a short week at work, I’ve worked late every day. So it’s a take-it-slow weekend for me. I hope the New Year is treating you well!

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