Previewing 2013

I’m already starting out 2013 behind schedule. The goal was to have this post online bright and early January 1. Clearly, that didn’t happen. But with good reason!

#14 Clemson beat #8 LSU on last second field goal 25-24 around 11:30 pm Monday night.

Clemson ran 100 plays against a vaunted “mighty SEC defense.” Who was gassed and had a player go down on every. single. play. on the last drive? Here’s a hint – It wasn’t Clemson. And that was without Sammy Watkins, since he was hurt on the 2nd play. No big deal, right?! I was still am pumped about that win. The adrenaline took me through 2 am. So much fun! I love my school.

With that said, it’s time to get the New Year underway. And what better way to do that than with a new, shiny blog entry full of New Year’s resolutions? That’s something fresh and unique that no one’s done, right? … Right?…

Okay, so maybe not. But I’m putting a new spin on it this year. One of the best critiques I ever received when I was job hunting several years ago was that my resume needed more numbers on it. Instead of previous job positions being bland bullet points about responsibilities and accomplishments, it gives interviewing employers something tangible to grasp.

For instance, “Implemented 2100+ web-based accounts for local businesses” is more specific than “Built database tables, SQL scripts, and data loaders to enhance departmental reporting.” One might not be any more impressive or meaningful than the other but your attention is instantly drawn to the first example merely based on it being a quantitative statement.

But what does this have to do with resolutions?

Numbers are specific. What starts out as a vague desire on January 1 becomes a measurable goal that’s easily tracked. That… and I’m a math nerd. So all of my goals this year will have specific numbers associated with them to not only help me keep up with my progress on them, but to hold me more accountable as well.

So let’s do this!

  • 350 Miles: It can’t be a full-fledged resolution list without an exercise goal, right? 350 miles isn’t over the top. If anything, it’s on the low side since it averages out to a little more than 6 miles a week. But it will give me something to work towards instead of just running to run. In between runs, I want to start using my Xbox Kinect more too.
  • 26 Paychecks: My professional goal in 2013 is to work through 26 pay periods (52 weeks). I haven’t worked a full calendar year since 2009. So barring any unforeseen circumstances, I’d like to be employed at the same place come this time next year.
  • 12 Books: Recycling 2012 resolutions? Yup! I’m disappointed I didn’t hit this goal last year, so I’m determined to get it this year. My Nook will definitely be getting a workout.
  • 50 Hours: Another number a tad on the low end, I want to hit 50 hours volunteering with the CMPD Animal Care & Control shelter. It works out to about an hour a week, which is a little more than one weekend a month since I try to work 3 to 4 hour shifts.
  • 4 Trips: I got a new tent last year from my dad that I haven’t used yet. It’s an all seasons tent, so the goal is to make a camping trip in each season. It’ll give me a chance to take some day trips, unplug from the grid, and spend some outside time with Harper.
  • 2 Posts: With my 2012 daily journal finishing up at the beginning of February, I’ve got more time to dedicate to the blog. I’ve done a solid job keeping up with my “What I’ve Learned” entries. With a two post a week average, that means you should be getting at least one more entry a week for the next year!
  • 80 Percent: Word of warning, I’m about to go full nerd/dork/single guy on you. It’s no secret I like playing video games. Outside of college football, it’s what I do. Retail Xbox 360 games have 1000 achievement points each. And I have an OCD button that’s easily pushable. So my goal is to get at least 80% achievements on at least 5 games, whether it be new games I pick up this year or games I’ve already got that I have less than 80% on.
  • 1 Date: No fancy explanation here. I just think it’d be fun to go on a date this year. So I’m setting the bar low and we’ll see where it takes me! Apply within.

Your move, 2013!

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