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Empty Lily Ponds and iPad Burgers

Day Two! Let’s do this! Monday started out a lot faster and earlier than Sunday. My alarm was set for 7AM and I somehow still beat it. Only by a few minutes… but still! Damn you, East Coast! I got … Continue reading

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Missing Statues and Spaghetterias

Want to know the worst thing about the West Coast? It’s not the lack of financial responsibility bankrupting California. It’s not the number of illegal immigrants leaching off of taxpayers. It’s not the high gas prices. It’s not the extreme … Continue reading

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The two jobs I’ve held for longer than 13 business days (yeah… about that…) both had two weeks of vacation time a year. I never felt like that was enough. Next thing you know, one day’s gone so you can … Continue reading

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What I Learned: January 25

San Diego remiiiiiiix! Both cold and hot have complete different definitions to San Diegans. The lady who checked me in at the rental car counter told me it would “be just like summer” with the temperatures hovering around 75 during … Continue reading

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What I Learned: January 18

I hate politicians. Even more so than normal. The big to-do about this election cycle was that middle class families would not see a tax increase, right? So would someone please explain to me why the Payroll Tax just went … Continue reading

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What I Learned: January 11

I have a love/hate relationship with the dog park. I really enjoy going to give Harper a chance to be off leash and interact with other dogs. I don’t like that it’s 7 miles away, which means I can’t go … Continue reading

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What I Learned: January 4

Jadeveon Clowney is filthy. You’ll never see another hit like this. It’s amazing what a change in scenery can do. Wednesday was my 6 month mark at work in Charlotte. That means that as of today, I’ll have been here … Continue reading

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