Recapping 2012

Dear 2012,

It’s been nice knowing ya!

Peace out, Me


It’s about that time to start tallying up the goals, accomplishments, and promises made on 01/01/2012 and see how close to (or far from) the mark we made it.

So what happened in 2012?

  • Clemson was destroyed in the Orange Bowl by West Virginia
  • I met some new Clemson friends in Raleigh
  • My mom‘s book came out
  • I liked a girl in NC
  • I quit my Raleigh job in April after 6 months
  • I accepted my Charlotte job in June
  • I got to meet a lot of new family at my step mom’s family reunion at the end of June
  • I moved to Charlotte and started work in July
  • I quit liking a girl in NC because she didn’t like me
  • I started my “What I Learned” weekly blog entries in July
  • Some fool shot a bunch of people in a movie theater in Colorado
  • I went to the NC Zoo!
  • The Olympics were amazing!
  • I started volunteering at CMPD’s Animal Care & Control shelter
  • My truck was broken in to
  • I liked girl not in NC
  • I moved into my new apartment
  • I missed my Raleigh apartment and dog park
  • Obama was re-elected President
  • I went to my first Renaissance festival
  • I went to my first legit haunted house/farm with my cousin
  • I got to see my step brother, sister in law, and niece in October
  • I turned 30
  • I’ve seen fantastic movies (Argo, Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, Les Miserables)
  • Clemson lost to South Carolina for the 4th straight year
  • The Mayans were wrong
  • My mom and step dad got a new puppy!
  • Some fool shot a bunch of kids in a school in Connecticut
  • I got nice William Sonoma baking stuff for Christmas
  • I’m still straight. I promise.
  • I upgraded my four year old iPhone 3G for the iPhone 5. Love it!
  • I’ll ring in 2013 in Charlotte tonight after watching the Clemson/LSU bowl game!

And how’d that resolution list turn out?

  • Travel to Hawaii – No island visiting in 2012. I did schedule a trip to San Diego for January 2013. I’m going to try to make Hawaii my next big trip. So late 2013 or early 2014. I need a travel buddy!
  • Own a cabin in the mountains – I have planning ADD. I don’t multitask very well. So until I get serious about focusing on this, I’ll just dabble in searching but not really look. I did find a few listings several months ago that looked promising but life got busy. I’d like to save up a little more money first as well. One day…
  • Cut back on Facebook/Twitter/Internet – Still up and down. I took the Facebook app off of my phone, so there’s that. I still check Twitter too much. And the Internet is a crutch at my apartment if I have nothing else scheduled. I have good and bad weeks.
  • Clemson season tickets – I didn’t get season tickets but I did wind up going to a ton of games. Auburn in Atlanta (as well as the NC State/Tennessee game there), Wake Forest in Winston Salem, Duke in Durham, and NC State in Clemson. So I’d say a third of the games is a good effort!
  • Run a half marathon – Complete failure. I did run more races than normal in 2012 though. A 5k in Columbia, the Bridge Run (10K) in Charleston, a 5K trail run with my cousin in Charlotte, and the 5K Turkey Trot in Charlotte.
  • Clemson stats website – Another complete failure. I haven’t worked on it at all since moving to Charlotte. But with football season almost over, there will be plenty of time to give it a go in the new year.
  • Keep a daily journal – Filled up one composition notebook and working on the second. I’ll finish the second one which will take me to February 7th I believe. I haven’t gone back to read any of it yet. I’ll be curious to see what’s changed and what hasn’t.
  • Adopt a 2nd dog – Nope. Not yet. 90% sure this won’t be a goal in 2013 either. Harper’s my buddy and that’s good enough for me at the moment.
  • Picaboo book – Another thing I haven’t touched since moving to Charlotte. A lot of the work I started on this though was done in Spring 2012. So I’ll have time for this. I just need the motivation.
  • Read a book per month – What started out on a blazing pace in the first half of the year, this sure hit a brick wall the second half. I made it through at least seven books before moving to Charlotte and a non-fiction book ground the processes to a halt. I’m disappointed in missing out on this one.

How was your 2012?

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable New Year’s Celebration tonight. Thanks for reading and commenting! I’ll see you on the other side!

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2 Responses to Recapping 2012

  1. hopeclark says:

    The most fun about resolutions is looking back and seeing how many came to pass and didn’t. Sometimes it’s a good thing some flopped, because others more important took their place. Be open to change! Sometimes it’s opportunity in disguise.

    Love, Momma

    • RMJinAK says:

      You have quite a list of resolutions, and quite a list of events happening in 2012, so don’t worry about the uncompleted ones; most people fail by the third week in January. Work on the ones that are still important and add new adventures to your life.

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