What I Learned: December 28

  • The last week wasn’t nearly as tiring as I thought it would be. Friday, I drove from Charlotte to Chapin after work to spend the weekend at home. Sunday, I came back to Charlotte. I worked until 2pm Monday then headed back to Chapin. Tuesday was Christmas at home. Wednesday, we packed up and headed down to Summerville for my Grandmother’s Christmas. Thursday the family came back to Chapin, we grabbed some dinner, watched some football, and I headed back to Charlotte. Today, I’m back at work and haven’t passed out yet. Crazy!
  • Harper enjoyed her Christmas! A tub of treats, a cow hoof, a rawhide candy cane, and a huge cow bone. I’d say she cleaned up!

2012 Harper Christmas

  • It’s foolish to think 2012 would be any different. I’m currently in the middle of my annual college football bowl pick’em slide downhill. At the moment, I’ve lost three of my last seven. But only after San Jose State finally pulled it together to beat Bowling Green. Cincinnati scored twice in the last minute against Duke to salvage that pick last night too. You’d think for as much as I watch college football, I’d know better. Nope!
  • The Christmas gifts seemed well received by all parties this year. Everyone seemed to get something they really enjoyed, which isn’t always the case with our group. And while it would be nice to be a bit more stationary, traveling and visiting went really well. No complaints at all this year! My favorite gifts this year? My mom got four more posters for my apartment: St. Louis, Yosemite, Seattle, and Minneapolis. My grandmother also got me a black iPod.


  • My reputation for enjoying to bake cookies has finally caught the Christmas bug too. Between my mom and grandmother, I received the following presents: orange and purple sprinkles, orange and purple icing spray, a cookie cutter, two spatulas, two heavy duty cookie sheets, a nice set of stainless steel mixing bowls, orange towels, orange pot holders, and a good set of measuring cups. I’m told my “future wife will really appreciate and enjoy” them. Just an FYI if anyone’s interested 😉

Quiet, low-key weekend on tap in Charlotte. I’m looking forward to unpacking, hanging my pictures, watching college bowl games, and wasting the rest of the time away on the couch to close out the year.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas break and enjoyed the company! I’ll see you in the New Year!

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3 Responses to What I Learned: December 28

  1. Enjoyed having you home, Nanu! Roo is exhausted after spending so much time with Harper. Got her rabies shot today and is passed out in front of the TV. Hope Harper isn’t missing all the crowd of attention! It was a nice Christmas. Thanks for spending so much time at home.

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