What I Learned: December 21

  • The Newtown, CT shooting was a week ago and a horrible tragedy. I won’t lie and say that this country’s gun regulations are perfect but the outcry for stricter gun control is ridiculous. The same day, a man in China slashed 22 school children with a knife, yet no one is making a fuss about knife control. Some are trying to make it out to be a mental health issue (which apparently 20% of adults and 82.5% of children and young adults suffer from… not sure I buy those numbers though), which holds a little more weight than the gun issue but still a little weak. Personally, I think it’s a “way the country is being raised” issue. The world of political correctness, everyone getting participation medals, and being overly sensitive creates unrealistic expectations for people to grow up with. People win, people lose. A child, teenager, or adult is better equipped to handle the real world if they learn how to maneuver difficult situations instead of just being patted on the head and told they’re wonderful just the way they are. The simple fact that someone ever considers murdering their mother, twenty children, and six adults is a values and moral issue, not a gun issue.
  • I can think of fewer things ruder (more rude?) than people who park outside of someone’s home or apartment and honk the horn for them to hurry up. It happened earlier this week at 6:45 AM while I was walking Harper. It’s so inconsiderate and disrespectful.
  • For whatever reason, Best Buy has the iPhone 5 on sale. For purely frugal reasons, I’ve had my iPhone 3G for four years. For opportunistic reasons, I upgraded my phone Monday night. For incredibly nerdy reasons, I also ordered this case from Etsy. So pumped!

  • I’m becoming too predictable in my Christmas wrapping job. Next year, this will change. This year, you get this picture.

2012 Christmas

  • I spent way too much money this week. Not only did I finish up my Christmas shopping for everyone, I cashed in on a late birthday/early Christmas present I promised for myself. I’m taking three days off of work in January, along with Martin Luther King Jr Day, and taking a trip to the left coast. My step dad was amazing enough to let me have some of his sky miles for a free plane ticket from Charlotte to San Diego. I’ve got the hotel booked. There’s a high school friend I plan on hanging out with. All that’s left is to lock down a rental car, find out whether Harper’s going to be babysat or visit a kennel, and game plan all of the must-see sites. It’s going to be amazing. I can’t wait.

Assuming the Mayans weren’t right and the world doesn’t end today, I hope you all have a very wonderful Christmas holiday. Enjoy the company of your family, the bowl games, the delicious food, and the presents. Preferably in that order.

And if they were right, it’s been great knowing y’all! Thanks for reading!

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