What I Learned: November 30

  • First bullet point… Let’s just go ahead and get this out of the way. I learned Clemson sucks against real teams. They played two ranked teams this year and lost to both of them. South Carolina has now won four in a row. It’s only the second time in history they’ve ever done it. The first time was from 1951-1954. To put it in perspective, Clemson has won four in a row… four times… since 1980. Just embarrassing. I hate it.
  • I’m a terrible quick pick Powerball lottery picker. I bought a ticket for the $588 million drawing Wednesday. My numbers were 31, 34, 35, 48, 58, and 27. The winning numbers were 5, 16, 22, 23, 29, and 6. Weak!
  • [Warning: PG-13-ish rated bullet point] I know I’ve said it before but New Girl is the best comedy on TV right now. And they absolutely destroyed it this week. Best episode I’ve ever seen. When discussing his technique with Jess’ lesbian gynecologist (a “vagenius”), Schmidt spewed this gold:

Mind. Blown.

  • I miss reading. I think I read nonfiction books ten times slower than fiction. I’m only 100 pages into Inside of a Dog. I started it in August when I was still living in the extended stay hotel. Why can’t I finish it?!
  • I have no answers for my life. I’m not a serious person at all. Yet somehow, I found myself in the middle of a fairly serious conversation earlier this week. It touched on relationships. And having children. And absolutes. Then I realized I don’t know where I stand on big issues like that. I’m happy with being single. But is it just because it’s easy to do when you’re 30? I walk my dog and play video games in my spare time. Do you still walk your dog and play video games when you’re 65 and single? I’m also happy not being a father. But if someone didn’t want kids, would that be a deal breaker? Do I really want kids at some point or do I just not like absolutes that rule out options? It’s all incredibly intriguing.

I’m going to do absolutely nothing this weekend. I plan on it being amazing! Enjoy your weekend.

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3 Responses to What I Learned: November 30

  1. Hmmm…incredibly intriguing. Trying to picture Peepa playing video games, living alone, single all this time. Kinda …creepy.

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