What I Learned: November 23

  • This song is embarrassingly catchy. It’s so bad, it’s good. Not to mention how awkward it looks when a grown black man is the only adult in a house-full of preteens at Thanksgiving. Make better life decisions, Patrice Wilson.
  • I enjoy the holidays that focus on reflection. For Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for a job that just fits. I stayed late every single day this week. Is it frustrating when I’m walking out of the door? Sure. But the next day, I’m never bitter about going back. And one of the managers texted me today a picture of himself with a concrete Bigfoot and commented on how he went “squatching” today. You can’t hate that. I’m thankful for living in Charlotte, as it puts me closer to family and it’s been a great move so far. And I’m thankful for Harper. Dogs really are man’s best friend
  • Yesterday was a perfect break in life. I ran the Charlotte Turkey Trot 5K and somehow finished under 30 minutes (29:39). It felt great! I went to see Lincoln after the race too. I’ll be curious to discuss it with my brother, the history major. I really liked how the story focused more on getting the necessary votes to pass the 13th amendment than the obvious slavery angle that’s been done before. Harper and I hit the dog park for an hour. Then the standard, much needed Thanksgiving day nap.
  • I didn’t realize how much I missed Clemson. Last weekend was C-town themed. It started out in Charlotte, with a stop off in Chapin, and my brother, sister in law, and I took in the NC State game in Clemson. It was good to be back on campus for a football game. Such a special place.
  • Fiona Apple gets props for this. She canceled an entire leg of her tour so that she can stay at home with her 13 year old pit bull, who’s not doing well. Admittedly, I’m not a very emotional person. But stuff like that kills me. Because I know I’ll have to do it one day with my own. And it’s going to be so, so rough. Good for her and glad for Janet.

I’m working today so my “traditional” Thanksgiving family extravaganza doesn’t start until tonight. But I hope every one of you who reads this had an outstanding Thanksgiving. And hopefully, you’re still getting a chance to visit and enjoy company today and through the weekend.

P.S. Clemson plays South Carolina this weekend. Next week’s mood highly hinges on the outcome of this game. With that said, Go Tigers!

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One Response to What I Learned: November 23

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Nanu!

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