What I Learned: November 16

  • Perspective is a funny thing. On Tuesday, I wrote in my journal – “Days seem to be flying by. It’s good because that means I’m enjoying my job and life. But bad because I’m not getting a bunch accomplished. I’d rather have something to show for my time.” Then at work on Wednesday, we were all discussing Thanksgiving plans. When I told them I was running Charlotte’s Turkey Trot instead of going home, a coworker just sat back and said “Wow, you’re such an involved person.”
  • I love absolutely everything about this story. It has a note and picture from what’s believed to be the last 12 remaining search and rescue dogs on scene from 9/11. Such a cool idea to make a story out of the surviving dogs. Props to my momma Chope for passing along the link too.
  • There are some fun food places (restaurants as you classy people call them) in Charlotte. I met some coworkers Wednesday at The Burger Co (they have tater tots!). I had pizza with my mom and step dad at Carmella’s, an NFL, blue-collar pizza place. By the time you’re reading this, I’ll probably be at lunch with some coworkers at Cabo Fish Taco. When my cousin was in town, we grabbed pizza at Fuel one night and Maria’s Mexican Restaurant another. So many places I want to try too: Pinky’s (they have a dinosaur out front!), Bad Daddy’s (I was told they have an excellent cookies and cream milkshake), Mac’s, and on and on!
  • My wrist feels naked. Harper snapped my LiveStrong bracelet Tuesday night. An ex’s mom had given it to me on a trip to Myrtle Beach to see Clemson play a baseball tournament. In the spring of 2005. I could count the number of days I’ve had it off on one hand. I catch myself trying to push it up on my wrist, even though nothing’s there. It may be time to pick up a Road ID, thanks to a writeup from Running with Karen.
  • It’s time to find a new “stay healthy” routine. I absolutely loathe running on a treadmill. And it’s about that time of year when it’s too dark to go for a jog outside once I’m home and finished walking Harper. I legally have the P90X DVDs but I’m not sure I’ve got the room for weights, pull up bar, etc. So I’m thinking of picking up the Insanity series instead. The workouts are shorter (around 40 minutes) and almost exclusively cardio and interval training, which I enjoy so much more than weight training. I’ll keep this space updated.

I’m going to Clemson this weekend (via a puppy-sitting mom and step dad in Chapin) for the NC State game. I. Cannot. Wait! It’ll be my fourth game (really?!) this year but the first one in Clemson. Hilarity is bound to ensue as well, since another ex is supposed to be showing up with the group I’m with as well.

Thanksgiving is less than a week away. How did that happen? Enjoy what’s left of the week and month!

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2 Responses to What I Learned: November 16

  1. You are so involved, Nanu! Seriously, do not underestimate your life. Others will look at you, discount their own lives, and want to be you. Just like you envy little things about other people. You’ve set your own path . . . doing what you want to do . . .which a lot of other people never had the guts to do.

  2. Karen says:

    Thanks for the call out! Hope you got that Road ID.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the Turkey Trot.

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