What I Learned This Week: November 9

  • Our country is incredibly divided. It’s never been worse or more apparent in my life how far apart Americans are in their basic beliefs and ideologies. I’ll have more on this next week.
  • Nate Silver. He’s a statistician who blogs for the NY Times. Through poll aggregation, he predicted weeks ago the Presidential race wasn’t as close as people were saying. He also successfully predicted the correct winner in all 50 states. As a math nerd, I eat stuff like this up.
  • Halo 4 is amazing. Aside from the fact I picked it up at midnight Monday night/Tuesday morning, the story line and writing is excellent and I would argue it’s better than 95% of movies produced today. Video games catch a lot of grief for being too violent or promoting sedentary lifestyles but it’s nice to see the top franchises (Halo, Mass Effect, Gears of War, etc) outclassing TV and movie franchises.
  • North Carolina is a data center haven. I stumbled across an article yesterday in the Charlotte Observer detailing Facebook’s data center in Forest City, NC. 350,000 square feet houses any and every bit of info that’s on Facebook. But Facebook isn’t the only one here. Google has a data center in Lenoir, NC. Apple has one in Maiden, NC. And Disney’s building one at Kings Mountain. Things like that fascinate me.
  • Being 30 ain’t that bad. Clemson destroyed Duke. Just for my birthday. It was the 2nd most offensive yards in a Clemson game ever. I also got three retro-themed framed posters for my room. I love the San Francisco one. I plan to hang them this weekend. Which means I need a new Cribs-style blog entry. And there was cookie cake!

I’m grabbing a breather this weekend before everything kicks into high gear again. I volunteer Saturday, the Clemson game’s on TV at 3:30, and Sunday might be nothing but sleeping in and a trip to the dog park. It will be Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, before you know it.

P.S. Tara, Jarred, and I are now 3-0 at Clemson games. Even if it is the cardboard-on-a-stick version of Jarred.

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