What I Learned This Week: October 26

  • Positive is better than negative. Last week was too negative, so I made an effort to change that. I fussed about my journal being troublesome. I talked here about having no purpose. Monday, I decided to wake up on the right side of the bed and see where it took me. So far, so good. The week has gone much better, just by having a better approach. I won’t lie… I’m digging the Mumford & Sons Pandora station too. Good music always makes life better.
  • The final presidential debate was Monday night on foreign policy. Admittedly, I was a little less interested in this one. I know it’s an important part of the office but it has the least impact on my daily life. The first thing I noticed was that Bob Schieffer was infinitely better than the previous two moderators. He did an excellent job. Obama was clearly the more experienced of the candidates in the area and it showed. Most networks declared him the “winner” fairly quick. But I feel as though Romney handled himself really well, given his lack of experience in the area. There weren’t any stumbling blocks where he wasn’t prepared. I also thought it was a little odd how the debate all but ignored Europe and focused purely on the Middle East. It was a good group of debates though. We’ll see how they affect the vote in a short two weeks.
  • There’s a new baby giraffe, Kiko, at the Greenville, SC zoo. He was born Monday night. Fascinating that it takes giraffes about an hour to learn how to stand and walk. Way to drop the ball, human babies. Did I mention that I love animals and zoos? Ironically enough, I’ve never been to the Greenville zoo.
  • I enjoy being intentionally vague. I miss some conversations more than others. I like being in sync. The action, not the boy band. Even despite Justin Timberlake’s boyish good looks. Brian Austin Green is my favorite rapper. Crushing. Is that even a word anymore?
  • I went to the Clemson/Wake Forest game last night in Winston-Salem, NC. I met my brother and two Clemson friends from Raleigh. Tajh set Clemson’s single game passing record. Sammy’s back and set the single game receiving record. And they destroyed Wake 42-13. It’s never a bad day to take in a college football game, weeknight or not. But it probably wasn’t the smartest of ideas to make the drive, catch the game, come back, and not take any time off. Work should be an adventure today. Technically, I’m still in my 20s (for roughly a week) though, so I’m still allowed to make decisions like that.

My step brother, sister in law, and niece have an eight hour layover in Charlotte after flying back from Brazil on Saturday. And since I live all of two seconds from the airport, I’m pretty excited to see them for a few hours. Sunday looks like a volunteer day and a trip to the movies to catch Argo. Hope your weekend shows the same potential!

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2 Responses to What I Learned This Week: October 26

  1. See you Saturday! Go Tigers! Sorry but I missed the whole meaning of “being intentionally vague.”

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