What I Learned This Week: October 19

  • My cousin rocks. We ran the Trails for Tails 5K on Saturday. Suzanne had run an organized race and I had never done a trail race (actually really enjoyed it compared to road races). But she had been wanting to give it a go, so we made a weekend out of it. We stuck together and finished in just under 39 minutes. She beat me by 1.3 seconds after sneakily sprinting ahead at the finish line. But most importantly, we ran the entire time. Super proud of her for sticking it out through the hilly course! I owe her a weekend in Augusta, Ga now.
  • She’s also game for anything. We went to Scarrigan Farms, a local 130 acre farm transformed into a haunted trail, Saturday night after the race. Neither of us had ever been to a legit haunted house/trail for Halloween, so we figured why not. It was pretty awesome. The waiting area before going through was around their rock-quarry-turned-swimming-hole. Then you went through a haunted house, outdoor trail, a 3D section, an old school bus, and finally a corn maze. All while being spooked, scared, and chased by dudes with chainsaws. And she was in front most of the way. So fun!
  • The 2nd Presidential Debate was earlier this week. It was a town hall format meant to give the candidates the opportunity to field questions from, and directly address, the American voters. I’m not a big fan of this format. The candidates wound up regurgitating their television ads over and over (raise your hand if “5 Point Plan” or “Top Down Approach” makes you shudder by this point). It did get testy over domestic energy and the Libyan Consulate issues though. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t rooting for a knock-down, drag-out fist fight. But in the end, I don’t feel like either side “won.” Just a solid draw to take us into the final one next week.
  • I feel like I’ve had absolutely no purpose this week. I took the week off of running after training for the 5K last weekend, so that might have something to do with it. But it’s like life’s lacked life (whoa intense alliteration) the last four or five days. Work’s been dull – nothing good, nothing bad. I haven’t wanted to do anything after coming home. Just no motivation to get anything accomplished.
  • I wholeheartedly plan on finishing it up since it was on my concocted list at the beginning of the year but I’m losing interest in my daily journal. I didn’t know it would be this hard to write one page in a composition notebook every day for an entire year. Every night, I push the writing back later and later. I’ve noticed less of a commentary in what I write and more of a bland listing of the day’s events. I also miss typing up fun blog entries, since my stories usually makes the journal first. Thankfully, there’s only a little less than two and a half months left. I’m really anxious to reread it next year to see how everything reads in hindsight.

The busy weekends continue. I’m heading down to Chapin this weekend to visit, pick up some dog food, and grab some of my Halloween garb. I might recycle one of my costume ideas this year since I’m only dressing up for work. But that won’t make it any less fun! I love me some Halloween!

P.S. Happy one year anniversary to my brother and sister in law. It’s insane to think a year has already gone by.

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4 Responses to What I Learned This Week: October 19

  1. Where are the pics??? The run, especially the haunted farm, and Harper? Great photo opps there. Oh . . . does Harper get an outfit this year? Get to go trick or treating?

  2. Karen says:

    Wait a minute… I’ve been reading your blog for over a year now if it’s your brother and sister-in-law’s anniversary already. How did that happen?

    Last debate tonight… Should be interesting. Well, maybe not. 🙂

    • Well over a year! I remember the day you stumbled across my twitter page (I’m weird with dates like that). It was the day the tsunami in Japan hit because I had gone for a run that morning at the beach house I was visiting and posted either a blog or tweet about it.

      Time flies!

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