What I Learned This Week: October 12

  • The Vice President debate last night was a much more entertaining, engaging discussion than last week’s Presidential debate. Martha Raddatz did an excellent job maintaining control of the topics, answers, and timing. I thought Joe Biden was condescending by snickering and rolling his eyes. But I also thought Paul Ryan was too smart in his talking points for the average voter. I’m okay with chalking the debate up as a draw. Neither won and neither hurt their own campaign. There is a clear ideological difference between the two candidates though.
  • I went to my first Renaissance Festival this past Sunday and it was surprisingly entertaining. A manager from work invited me along, so I met his family there to spend a couple of hours taking it all in. It made for fantastic people watching. Of course, I was also singled out when walking by the insult guy having tomatoes thrown at him. I got a free toss then proceeded to miss horribly. I’ve already heard about it at work this week. All in good fun, though! I had an apple turnover and vanilla ice cream there that was incredible.
  • I loathe phony, manufactured work initiatives. This week, our call center leaders launched the “White Glove Service Initiative.” They spent money on mouse pads with catch phrases (“Would you call you for service?”). They’ve changed the wallpaper on everyone’s computer. It just comes across as fake to me to slap some cliches on something to try and drum up support and morale. I do my best at my job because it’s fulfilling to myself to do a good job, not because I’ve got a picture of a butler on my monitor.
  • Bread sticks are dangerous and expensive. I was chowing down on one this past weekend and my back molar cracked. On the plus side, I found a dentist who didn’t guilt trip me for not flossing every two minutes and after two and a half years of not having my teeth cleaned, I have no cavities. On the down side, since it was the corner of the crown that broke off, I’ll need a crown. And I’m guessing that won’t be cheap.
  • I am in love with this weather. 50 degrees in the morning, 70s during the day. It means the heat’s finally gone and that my favorite month November (for obvious reasons) is right around the corner. Harper’s on board too, as she’s extra chipper on her morning walks because of the crisp air.

It’s Clemson’s bye week, so I’m mentally regrouping for the second half of the season this weekend. My cousin’s spending the weekend with me and we’re doing a 5K at the US National Whitewater Center on Saturday to support a dog rescue and a great dane organization. I might go see Argo Sunday too. Have a good one, guys!

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3 Responses to What I Learned This Week: October 12

  1. Bill Jerdan says:

    Good summary of the Debate. I don’t look for who “wins” one debate, but what I can understand about the guys (and their projects) who will get the chance to run the country for the next 4 years. I thought that the VP candidates put more info on the table, but they are not the ones who will make the final call

    • If I had to guess, I’d bet the idea that VP candidates put more info on the table is intentional. For the night, they’re essentially the mouth pieces of the Presidential candidates without the same backlash as if the candidates themselves had said it. Somewhat of a crude, on-the-fly version of market research for what’s possible to say as a campaign moving forward.

  2. Hope Clark says:

    Let me know how the race goes!!! Good luck.

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