What I Learned This Week: September 28

  • The Clemson defense is terrible. This past week against Florida State, they gave up 667 yards of offense – the second worst game, statistically, in the history of Clemson football. That’s embarrassing.
  • I feel like my life is so out of sync in Charlotte. I feel like I had so much more time in Raleigh. After a month, my apartment is still a mess. I haven’t blogged. I still have pictures from the Atlanta football weekend on my camera. I have unopened mail on my desk from several weeks ago. I felt rushed fixing dinner and baking cookies for our work potluck last night. I was at work until almost 7 yesterday. I like being in Charlotte better than Raleigh but I wish I still had the Raleigh schedule and routine.
  • With that said, it’s a great feeling to be given more responsibility and respect at work. I’m training the second half of the day today for new reporting software. I was put in charge of leading a meeting last week since the boss was busy. There’s some technical training that’s almost a week long being kicked around. My last two bosses didn’t understand that concept of respecting your employees.
  • I’m so ridiculously pumped that New Girl is back on TV. It’s my guilty pleasure (aside from Glee… don’t hate). Schmitt is one of the funniest characters on TV. And it’s hard to not like anything Zooey Deschanel does. Elf? Loved it! 500 Days of Summer? Loved it! iPhone Siri commercial? Loved it!
  • Indians (dots, not feathers… always thought that was ridiculously bigoted yet hilarious!) are deathly afraid of dogs, it seems. There are a good many Indian families who live in my apartment complex and after work, they all go on walks. Well, when Harper and I cross their path they… especially the women… go out of their way to move off of the sidewalk and into the bushes, grass, oncoming traffic… whatever’s not on the same strip of concrete Harper’s on. She’s a shy dog. I’d hate to see them around an aggressive dog.

Heading to Chapin this weekend to celebrate the Chope’s birthday! I’ll catch my breath one of these days. Enjoy your weekend, guys!

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2 Responses to What I Learned This Week: September 28

  1. Karen says:

    Happy Birthday Chope!

  2. LOL – thanks. He really calls me Chope, you know.

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