What I Learned This Week: September 14

  • Monday was hard. Not in the “First day of the week” kind of way though. A guy hired for the same position I’ve got, around the same time I started, was fired last Friday. He didn’t help his own case since he almost always asked the same question several times over instead of paying attention and taking note of processes. But the company also hired him for a job he didn’t have enough experience to do. Bummer
  • Volunteering at the animal shelter finally got to me. For a split second, I wondered if it’s something I really wanted to do after having my eyes opened on a couple of things. No worries though, I’m sticking it out. I’d like to think the good I’m doing for a handful of dogs is more important than trying to shelter myself from the bad aspects.
  • My two mile run on Tuesday was borderline euphoric. It’s been a long time since I’ve really loved a jog. Amazing feeling! 5K in October, here I come!
  • I feel like I need to push myself to do more things. This week at work, I heard weekend stories of going to a Renaissance Fair, a local farm tour in Raleigh & Charlotte, apple picking, and a girl’s trip to Mexico. I just don’t have any good ideas at the moment…
  • My lunch staple – the peanut butter and jelly sandwich – is racist, according to Portland, Oregon.

I got my puppy back this week! I’m getting cleared at the shelter Saturday so that I can volunteer on my own now. And Saturday is going to be FULL of college football! Let the weekend begin.

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3 Responses to What I Learned This Week: September 14

  1. Karen says:

    Just read the article on PB&J and didn’t realize that my 6 and 8 year olds are racist most school days. Thank God I know now so that I can cut out one of the only foods they will eat without a fight. Wouldn’t want to offend anyone with their lunch choices. Should my daughter’s Sri Lankan friend stop bringing pita to school because that’s not a “traditional” American food? She’s one of the sweetest kids I’ve ever met and I’d hate to see her offend anyone over what she eats for lunch.

    I just remembered that the Sri Lankan girl is Muslim so we shouldn’t send my daughter to school with ham either. I guess she’ll just have to starve!

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