What I Learned This Week: September 7

  • College football is the best sport on the planet. I don’t think there’s another sport that does such a fantastic job of combining the pageantry, a sense of community, and long-standing tradition. It’s good to have it back in full swing.
  • Don’t cheer too hard though.
  • Politics is making me angry lately. I’m a huge advocate for being informed and doing your part to vote but it’s been tiresome recently. The excuses make voters calloused. The hyperboles are ridiculous and unnecessary. Republicans don’t hate the middle class. Democrats don’t want to burn the Constitution. Our society has turned into one which competes to be the one with the least blame, fewest polarizing comments, and most politically correct. Since when was it a sin to voice an informed, differing opinion?
  • I’m a walking contradiction. This week, I have felt two extreme sets of emotions. Unpacking and straightening my apartment, I got the irrational urge to find a house somewhere and settle down so I wouldn’t have to pack or move anymore. Then, thinking about my lease lasting until August 2013, I felt cornered and trapped. I wanted to update my resume, leave the big things packed up, and run away. I need a hobby. Or a girl. Or my dog back.
  • Clemson looked a lot better than I thought they would. NC State looked a lot worse. Atlanta is still too big of a place to want to spend more than a few days. But not much can top a long weekend with two football games, seemingly unlimited free Chick Fil A sandwiches, a good tailgate, and plenty of friends. Oh… and Krystals!

NC State vs Tennessee

Clemson vs Auburn

Another busy weekend for me. DMV to have my license and voter’s registration updated on Friday. My cousin’s wedding in Rocky Mount, NC on Saturday. And three more hours of volunteering on Sunday. Have a good one!

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3 Responses to What I Learned This Week: September 7

  1. We’re bringing your dog back on Saturday, so part of you will be righted. She’s getting a bath before she comes. We’ll miss her so much after having her two months.

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