What I Learned This Week: August 31

  • I feel like I fit in at work. I’m a quiet person, so it takes me a while to be comfortable enough to cut up with people. It took me a full 6 months or so at my job in Chapin. It’s taken a little less than 2 here.
  • Speaking of work, I’ll forever be amazed at some of the side conversations I overhear. This week, one conversation included “The reason I like iced coffee is because it doesn’t burn your tongue.” Another conversation was a solid five minutes of one group arguing with another on whether “stupider” was a real word or not.
  • It takes three glances to send a signal. At least according to this article on the 10 coolest flirting facts you wish you knew. What should I read more into: the tips the article gives… or that my mom sent me the link?
  • I missed college football more than I thought. It seems like every media outlet is playing up the return of college football this year, only making it worse. I watched the entire Vanderbilt vs South Carolina game (mainly rooting for Vandy) and the Washington State vs BYU game after that. It’s so bad that I watched high school football this past weekend.
  • I’m not crazy about programming but I was reminded this week how it feels to be really good at something. I wrote an Excel macro at work that does a job in 2 minutes of automatic computer magic that usually takes 45 minutes of manual work. I win.

By the time this hits the internet, I’ll be on the road to the ATL for the Friday night NC State/Tennessee game and Saturday night Clemson/Auburn game. I love me some long weekends. And I love me some college football!

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