What I Learned This Week: August 24

  • After 11 years, I found out that a girl I had a crush on in high school had one on me too. High school kids are so awkward and stupid. But at least it makes for fun, cheeky bullet points on a blog years later. Wink.
  • I think I might treat myself to a trip for my upcoming milestone (the big 3-0) birthday. It’s been entirely too long since I’ve visited a new place. I won’t have enough leave by November but maybe by the beginning of 2013? My list contains Chicago and Boston but I’m not sure those are ideal destinations for January-ish. I want to visit San Diego at some point. And I’ve still got Hawaii to cross of the list. Any other ideas?
  • I went to a happy hour with a bunch of the people I work with last Friday. I’m not young enough to really understand the kids (ha! I’m old) straight out of college but I’m young enough to not really be on the same page as the older crowd and managers either. I also found out that at happy hour, you learn things about coworkers you can’t unlearn.
  • I’ve felt half a step off all week. I’m always in front of situations, not behind them. I’m not used to mentally playing catch up. And it’s been incredibly frustrating.
  • My first hours volunteering at the animal shelter this past weekend were absolutely amazing. I’ve never been one to really want to “give back.” But after adopting my shelter dog Harper, I’ve got a whole new appreciation for shelters. Surprisingly, I’m a little bummed I’ll be out of town the next three weekends and won’t have time to volunteer.

Last night was my last night in a hotel. Sunday will be my first night in my apartment. That’s more than enough to put me in a fantastic mood for the weekend. Hope your Friday starts your weekend off right as well!

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One Response to What I Learned This Week: August 24

  1. Hope Clark says:

    Yay, Nanu! Now…who’s the girl?

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