What I Learned This Week: August 17

  • What a difference a work environment makes. My boss in Raleigh asked me if I had anything keeping me from working more than 8 hours a day. My attitude was wrecked any day I had to work 15 extra minutes. In my position here in Charlotte, I’ve worked late every day this week to finish up a project without being asked to put in the extra time. Respect me and my time and I’m happy to give back.
  • Nothing in well-written television shows is ever unintentional. I rave a lot about Suits but Breaking Bad is excellent. What started as a unique series with a Chemistry teacher cooking meth to raise money to fight cancer has turned into an incredibly dark show that does a great job of showing every action has a very real consequence. This last week’s episode had you cheering and rooting for the bad guys… only to have one of them shoot and kill an innocent child to end the episode. Unreal TV.
  • Some days, you’re better off not questioning the events of the day. The best plan of action is to just hold on and live to see another day. Wednesday taught me that lesson. There will be an amazing blog post about it y’all will love later.
  • Paul Ryan is Mitt Romney’s VP selection. I like the strategy of introducing a ticket with experience and the background to promote fiscal responsibility. I’m looking forward to the debates.
  • I have an extreme dislike for Russell Brand. He’s not funny. He shouldn’t be famous. He pushed Katy Perry to divorce him (side note: How do you screw up a marriage with someone as smoking hot as Katy Perry? What a fool!) But he crossed the line at the London Closing Ceremonies. He managed to butcher my absolute favorite Willy Wonka moment. If you’d like the link, it’s here.

Instead of leaving you with that garbage, enjoy this to end your week and kick off your weekend!

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