What I Learned This Week: August 10

  • I’m absolutely terrible at small talk. There’s a cute girl I’ve known off and on for almost four years. Not close friends or anything but enough to know the general comings and goings of each other. I had a chance to talk to her one on one this week when I was out and about. But after the usual “How’s it going?” and “What have you been up to?”, nothing but crash and burn. Swing and a miss (again…) on that one! #FirstWorldBachelorProblems
  • Cops are meticulous! I recently put in an application to volunteer at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control. It was a 9-page application that covered everything from my education, my employment, personal references (non-family who I have known for 5+ years). It was more in-depth than my actual job application. And they took it that serious. Every reference was contacted. They even had me give them another reference, since they were having trouble reaching one. They called my boss last week and again this week until they reached her. All so I can volunteer a minimum of four hours a month. Crazy!
  • My company’s busy filling seats. I was glancing through the birthdays on our HR site. They’re ordered by tenure of current employees. I started July 2nd and I’m the 350th employee listed. In a little more than a month, they’ve hired about 40 people since I started. Impressive for a company with less than 400 employees.
  • On Tuesday, I learned that my apartment in Raleigh has been filled. Since I left before my lease was up, I was still responsible for the monthly rent until the end of the lease or they found a tenant to take my place. I wound up only paying for one month since I left, which is awesome. I also get my full deposit back. I’m super excited to start saving money again!
  • Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror is one of the best songs ever written. The first 30 seconds give me chills every time I hear it. It started playing on a girl’s radio several cubes away from me yesterday and I just stopped to listen. It made me remember being on my trip too. I was in New Mexico driving towards Albuquerque from Four Corners. And I did the same thing then on the road… just listened. Absolutely amazing. Michael Jackson was a musical genius.

Today’s payday. The first round of volunteer orientation is Saturday! The closing ceremonies at the London Olympics are Sunday. Sounds like a pretty good weekend to me. Hope yours is just as good!

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