What I Learned This Week: August 3

  • The Dark Knight Rises was an excellent summer blockbuster movie and finale to The Dark Knight trilogy. It blew my mind how many actors from the Inception cast Christopher Nolan reused though. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Arthur in Inception) played John Blake. Tom Hardy (Eames) was a little harder to recognize as Bane. Marion Cotillard (Mal) was Miranda Tate. Michael Caine (Professor Stephen Miles) plays Alfred. Cillian Murphy (Robert Fischer) makes a return cameo as Dr. Jonathan Crane. Talk about recycling talent… But for real, go see it.
  • Zoo facts:
    • The sculpin is not a strong swimmer but it has another trick to help it succeed in moving water. This fish hunkers down on the bottom of the stream and braces itself between rocks using its fan-shaped fins.
    • Otters compensate for distortion by having strong eye muscles that change the shape of their lenses, correcting their vision while underwater.
    • In 1987, red wolves were reintroduced to Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in northeastern North Carolina. This is now the only free-ranging population of these critically endangered wolves in the wild.
    • Desert pupfish are found in isolated creeks and pools in the desert and can survive in water over 110 degrees.
  • I learned something about a college friend of mine this past week that’s really made me question myself and my stances on some things. Where do you draw the line between being there to support someone as a friend and staying true to your own beliefs and convictions? I’m struggling with which side of the fence to eventually land on.
  • I’m binging on the Olympics right now. I’ve hardly had any time to read my new book (Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz) because I get to the hotel after work, go for a run, fix dinner, then turn on NBC until midnight. Michael Phelps set the record for the most Olympic medals ever (and added another gold in the 200IM). Our girl’s gymnastics won gold (team & individual). Beach volleyball (if you know what I’m sayin…). So addicting to watch!
  • My hotel’s getting an upgrade. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve gotten a new mattress, a new flat screen TV, new faux granite counters, and the outside is being painted. Yesterday, some maintenance guys came by to upgrade some things. Any coincidence that this is all being done weeks before the DNC rolls into town? (That’s going to be a fun week…) I also extended my stay a couple of weeks earlier this week until my apartment is ready. I was told what day I’m going to be kicked out, due to hotel demands. All of that combined with the three photo-heavy blog entries done on a laptop this week? Let’s just say I’m ready to be in my own place. With my own schedule. And most importantly, my own dog!

Speaking of, I’m heading home for the weekend to visit the puppy. Enjoy the Olympics and your weekend, guys!

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2 Responses to What I Learned This Week: August 3

  1. Karen says:

    I love the beach volleyball too! But probably for a different reason. 🙂

    • The new “uniforms” aren’t helping my interest.

      In a more serious response, it’s interesting to see how different the dynamic is in indoor volleyball vs. beach volleyball. In beach, a serve almost guarantees that you’ll lose the point on a kill. In indoor, there are a ton of digs.

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