I Want You…

… to give me some ideas.

Last week, I was scrolling through Twitter and ran across a friend’s post pondering why she blogs:

But if I sit here and be completely honest with myself, am I really posting just for family and friends? The answer would be no. I like the attention. I like when I receive a comment, a like on facebook, or a mention on twitter.

I can relate to a lot of that and it got me thinking. It’s no secret that I often struggle with the direction I want my blog to go. It seems to have a little bit of everything without a lot of anything. It started out as a way to document my trials and tribulations along the way on my cross-country trip. It’s been lighthearted, humorous, serious, humbling. It’s dabbled in college football, running, personal endeavors, social commentary, and everything in between.

I’ve kept a blog since 2002 at one site or another. My first one (TigerTown) lived from November 2002 through April 2006. Typing this entry up, I’m actually a little bummed to find out EasyJournal isn’t around anymore, meaning all of my old entries are gone. The only proof is at the Internet Archive. It’s a little embarrassing to read, actually. The next iteration jumped over to LiveJournal (ClemsonNanu) from September 2007 to August 2010. It’s slightly less ridiculous to read than the EJ one but not by much. And that finally brings us to WordPress (NanusNation) which has been going strong since September 2010. I’m actually pulling double duty right now, since my daily journal is still going strong.

I write online for several reasons. It keeps my family members updated on areas of my life we might not talk about often. My grandmother subscribes to the blog. My dad reads from Alaska. Even at my step mom’s parents’ anniversary, one of my step uncles started browsing and enjoyed learning more after just meeting me. It allows me the opportunity to go back and retrace my steps in whatever may have been going on in my life at the time of each entry. In true Internet fashion, I’ve written to convey messages to people reading I didn’t want to discuss in person. I’ve dropped hints. I’ve burned bridges. But also, I write because I’m self-centered and selfish. If you’re reading this, that means I’ve won out over any number of other things you could have been reading or doing. Somewhere along the way, you have decided that my words are worth more than something else. And that’s pretty cool.

Which is why I need your help. Help me help you!

I’m thinking of making a rough schedule for blog posts. Think of those blogs you read that post a Friday round-up of links from the author’s favorite articles, sites, and other Internet phenomena of the week… only less like a lazy day of no original content (zing!) and more like a basic framework for which my thoughts have to fit on certain days. Vague enough to be flexible but specific enough to provide some basic level of expectation. The main goal is that it will keep me posting on a more consistent basis without getting bored by focusing on one or two topics. It will make similar topics with different subjects on different days.

More blogs for you. Less monotony for me.

It’s a win-win situation!

Some ideas I’ve kicked around for topics are:

  • Recommendations (reading, movies, shows, places in Charlotte, whatever!)
  • Sports (Clemson? Charlotte teams? Sports I might get involved in?)
  • Books (I just signed up on Goodreads tonight and I’m determined to catalog everything!)
  • Exercise (Toying with signing up at the YMCA or YWCA once I get my apartment)
  • Volunteering (I’m trying to work at an animal shelter here and maybe some political organizations?)
  • Social issues or current events
  • Thought provoking Internet articles
  • More pictures?
  • More trips?
  • More personal stories?

So what you got, Internet?

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8 Responses to I Want You…

  1. Desiree says:

    I have an idea! Since you like to voice your opinion on junk/complain 😉 you should do a pet peeve series. Or you could join me in my five friday confessions posts.

  2. Jenna says:

    1. I’m only reading and commenting because you threatened your Southern domestic abuse on me.
    2. Book reviews.. but read women books too.. (Fifty Shades of Grey, anyone?)
    3. Push me to write in my blog again. (I feel like it’s been so long that I can’t post because there’s no possible way to catch up on all that has been missed)
    4. You can tell I’m a blogger too because I’m being self-centered with my comment on YOUR blog.
    5. LOVE the exercise idea. Try new stuff, give it reviews..? I can help with the stuff you wanna try!
    6. Product recommendations are always good reads!

    • I’m game for books out of my comfort zone. I’ve got The Hunger Games on my wish-list on my Nook since I ripped everyone my age for getting into them. So I thought I might as well read what I was hating on to know why I was hating. Lumping books in with reviews might work since I rarely read a book per week.

      Thanks for the input!

  3. I know a writer who has a different topic per weekday. Some days I know to skip, because I don’t have an interest in those subjects. One day is nothing but a famous quote about writing. You could do something along the line of..

    1. Dog day (training, raising, diet, volunteering at the shelter, trends in ownership, rescue stuff)
    2. Health day (exercise, diet)
    3. Sports day (football, basketball, track, Olympics)
    4. I love Charlotte Day
    5. Random this-is-what-intrigued-me day which can be anything from headlines to book reviews – a catch-all day to finish up the week.

    Love, Hope

    • Thanks Chope! It’s funny because I kind of backed my way into figuring out how to tie everything together. I’m not really an expert in any one area or love a certain aspect (writing, running, etc). I just like learning new stuff (like the job). So I’m going to try and flesh out each topic into new things. So even if it’s something like a sports day, it’ll be new avenues instead of rehashing the same things I already know.

  4. Karen says:

    I like your mom’s idea of a different topic each day. My favorites? Hard to guess- running and volunteering. And anything funny. I love to laugh!

    • I’ll definitely be weaving those two topics into the mix. And if I could be more accurately predict the funny posts, I’m not sure I’d need a schedule! It comes and goes as it pleases.

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