The Carolina Nomad is on the move

You know what’s got a lot?

Charlotte‘s got a lot.

And as of July 1st, it’s got a lot more since it’s my new home! It’s been a hectic month or two, so I’ve been a little MIA. The basic timeline has been something along these lines:

  • HR Phone screen at the beginning of May
  • Phone interview May 11th
  • On-site interview May 16th
  • Another phone interview May 23rd
  • Yet another phone interview the morning of May 30th
  • In rolled the offer on the afternoon of May 30th
  • I accepted June 1st

The timing worked out fairly well since I had been out of work roughly a month when the ball got rolling. The only bad thing was that I hadn’t apartment hunted in Charlotte yet. Or found a way to get out of my lease in Raleigh.

So after a crazy few weeks, I spent a full 8 hours in Charlotte going on apartment tours (I hit 15 complexes in one day… never again), found what I was looking for, packed up my life in Raleigh, and said goodbye to 8 months in the City of Oaks. Most of my life is either in a storage unit in Charlotte or hanging out in my mom’s playroom in Chapin until August 8th. I spent a week living with my mom and step dad on the lake. Then I spent a weekend living at the beach for my step mom’s parents’ 60th wedding anniversary with their entire family (8 brothers and sisters, counting the Skype session with Tommy in Thailand and who knows how many grandkids/step-cousins). I’ve learned that big families are intense.

And finally, in keeping with the hectic theme, I left the beach, stopped at my grandparents’ house in Summerville, swung by my mom’s house in Chapin to get work clothes and say a temporary goodbye to Harper (I miss my dog!), and check in to a hotel room by Sunday night. Work was chaos Monday. I checked into InTown Suites at lunch to be there until my apartment was ready. And by Tuesday, I had checked out because of how insanely tiny/sketchy/run down it was.

I’m happy to report I’ve slept in the same bed and enjoyed going to work at the same place since “moving” July 3rd though. Given my track record, I’d say that’s a small miracle.

So let’s go on a tour of my spacious home for the time being!

This is the corner where dapper-ness happens. I also noticed that for being a straight dude, I have way too many pairs of shoes.

This is where the temporary-housing magic happens. Charlotte does have a lot… and it starts right here, ladies!

Ever tried fixing a five-course meal on a two burner stove? Yeah… me either

Let’s take a look at what’s to eat. Oh, what’s that? Condiments, milk, hot dogs, and leftover hashbrowns for my trip to Chapin this weekend? Delicious!*

*Side note: Just because I’ve changed cities and enjoy my job now doesn’t mean I have to eat any less like an almost-thirty single guy. Count your blessings I didn’t take a picture of the Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch or Lucky Charms in the cabinet…

Here’s where I waste the hours of my evenings get really important things done. No, that’s not a monitor I brought up to play my Xbox on… mind your own business!

And last but not least, my exquisite taste in snackery. You’ll notice something for even the most diverse palette – peanut M&Ms, Atomic Fireballs, and three boxes of Nature Valley granola bars (100% Natural!). The Twizzler Pull ‘n’ Peels are on the desk in case you missed them.

And that about does it for another edition of “Where in the world is Nanu” / “Bachelor Pads of the Carolinas” / “This kid is never going to grow up!”

Hope you enjoyed it!

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5 Responses to The Carolina Nomad is on the move

  1. Karen says:

    You’re back! I love reading your blog. I especially like the shot of your “snackery”. That made me laugh.

    You are still welcome to write a blog post for if you’d like. It just has to be able running or some other physical “feat”. You write well so I’d love to share!

    • Thanks for the kind words!

      Unfortunately, I haven’t run in who knows how long. And somewhere in the move, my iPod managed to sneak off into a box yet-to-be-found. But with things calming down some, I’ll see what kind of fun running story I can get myself into.

  2. Bethany says:

    Dude. You had me at Lucky Charms. I may get old, but I refuse to give up the foods of my childhood.
    Glad you’re happy in Charlotte. Now that means you can go back to keeping me entertained with fun blogs. I was getting “she’s crazy” looks on the elevator leaving work this morning because you made me laugh like a dork;)

    • First, you want my hot dogs. And now yer after me Lucky Charms! Maybe suggesting you look for jobs in Charlotte wasn’t a great idea… Get your own food!

      I’ll do my best on the blogs. I’ve been kicking around an idea that I might need some feedback on for posts from all the readers. So once I get that one typed up, you better be front and center with suggestions!

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