I quit… again

Hey guys! It’s been awhile since my last entry. 60 days’ worth of awhiles to be slightly more specific. A lot has changed since then.

A lot is still changing.

But now I’m back! And more unemployed than ever!

I put my two week’s notice in at work on April 13. My last day was April 27, giving me roughly six months (minus one business day) on the job. My biggest issue with the position was that I never felt comfortable with the material. After six months, I feel it’s a reasonable expectation to have a solid foundation of work-related knowledge to complete simple tasks alone, without any hesitation or doubt. Quite frankly, I felt that I was still floundering for a foothold as bad on my 180th day as I was on my first. And whether it’s a strength or a fault, I need to see progress or have some sense of accomplishment in what I do to feel fulfilled.

Another issue was the expectation to regularly work unpaid overtime. I pride myself in my work. I’m not comfortable leaving projects unfinished. So I understand the importance of completing tasks, even if it means working late. But when the expectation is to work more than eight hours every day just to squeeze more out of employees, I start questioning the company’s dedication to their employees’ work/life balance. Working just to work is not an acceptable answer. It’s not a popular opinion to have in the current working environment but this article from Inc. by Geoffrey James seems to offer support for the idea:

What’s more, people who consistently work long work weeks get burned out and inevitably start having personal problems that get in the way of getting things done.

From the tone of my last entry, it’s pretty evident I was anything but content with where my professional life was.

Despite how unhappy I was though, there’s still a big part of me questioning my decision. I’m very uneasy about not having a clear plan going forward. As much as Harper probably enjoys the company during the day and the extended dog park visits, I’m not a big fan of those extra eight hours everyday I have to fill on my own now. In contrast, I’ve seen my mood improve drastically without the work frustrations. And from a job-hunting perspective, it seems to have been the right call. I have had more returned phone calls, emails, and applications in the last week during working hours than I did combined in the several months prior when I was applying during the evenings. I know the general rule is that it’s easier to find a job when you have a job… but my returned inquiries seem to suggest business hours are the best time to apply.

I think it’s fairly safe to say that I’ve taken a different path in the first five years after college than most people. So let the adventures continue!

“I like to keep my issues drawn. It’s always darkest before the dawn” – Florence + The Machine

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3 Responses to I quit… again

  1. Deni Ashby says:

    YAY for you and YAY for us! I just resigned from my not so happy place job on Saturday! I know what you mean about those extra hours in a day, but, guess what?????? We will be fine!!! Namaste!!!

    • Thanks for reading! We’ll definitely be fine. No worries! Speaking of namaste, I picked up a yoga DVD to complement my running and went through the first day this morning.

  2. karenjanos says:

    Don’t worry you’ll figure it out somehow! You won’t starve or be homeless so somehow it will all be good in the end.

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