Lowcountry Bribe

As some of you may or may not know, my mom is a writer. I’ve linked her website and blog in various entries before but I’m guessing a lot of the content hasn’t really applied to many of you up to this point. For the most part, she’s made her money with her FundsforWriters newsletters, magazine & internet articles, and speakings about grants & programs for writers.

But as of this past weekend, she’s no longer just a writer.

She’s a published author.

Her first novel in the Carolina Slade mystery series, Lowcountry Bribe, has officially been released out into the wild. It’s taken her ten years of writing, editing, and pitching it to traditional publishers to get to this point.

So if you’re a fan of reading, you should definitely check it out. It’s available at:

  • Bell Bridge Books – my mom’s publisher: here
  • Barnes & Noble: here
  • Amazon: here (They’re temporarily out of stock at the time of this posting but keep checking back in if you’re trying to take advantage of your Amazon Prime account)

That’s pretty much anywhere anyone ever buys books anymore. If you shop local instead, ask an employee about the title and I’m sure they’d be able to get their hands on a copy. It’s cheap too, coming in at under $10 at B&N (under $15 at Bell Bridge and Amazon). For all of you Kindle, Nook, & iPad fans, I’m not sure it’s available in e-formats yet but that shouldn’t be too far away. So at this point, you really have no excuse NOT to pick it up. My copy was ordered Sunday afternoon and is on its way to Raleigh as you read this.

Also, if you’re awesome and kind enough to order a copy, please remember to leave a review on Amazon’s site once you’ve finished it. Feel free to pass on my link or any of the others above on to your friends, family, and social network!

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about the book! Happy reading!

P.S. I hear Ivy is a pretty awesome secondary character.

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4 Responses to Lowcountry Bribe

  1. Thanks so very much, Nanu. You are a doll. Ivy is indeed an awesome character, and I’m happy to know him . . . um, her.

  2. Book purchased. It may take me a little while to get to it as I have quite a backlog, but I WILL read it! Congrats to your mom!

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