BCS Boycott

The BCS National Championship game was last night and I refused to watch it.

College football has been a hot mess this year. It’s covered the gamut of colossal highs to abysmal lows. Locally, Clemson was coming off it’s first losing season since 1998 when Tommy West was coach. But they also had a top ranked recruiting class. Nationally, Ohio State and North Carolina were breaking in new interim coaches after embarrassing off-season scandals. A convicted felon spilled the beans on Miami and the corruptness behind their program (take with a grain of salt though). South Carolina is still waiting to hear back their sanctions for broken rules.

During the season, the roller coaster continued. Clemson beat Auburn, Florida State, and Virginia Tech (in Blacksburg) to sweep three ranked teams in a row for the first time in school history. They kept the good vibes going to an 8-0 record when Georgia Tech completely derailed the season… as if that’s a surprise. They finished the second part of the season 2-4, with the worst saved for last in the Orange Bowl. We’ll see how recruiting finishes up in 5 weeks. Nationally, Penn State made the embarrassing off season fiascoes by Ohio State and North Carolina seem rather tame when it was made public that the school keeps more than just hires within the confines of their Penn State Family. Someone outside of our normal group of friends won our football pool. I finished 10th out of 18. I was first about halfway through the season too. I blame S&T’s wedding, as it was all downhill after that weekend. And finally, ESPN hyped the regular season game between LSU and Alabama as the “Game of the Century” (to get the full effect, you need large, ominous, echoing noises to accompany the phrase). Then there proceeded to be no scoring at all. LSU won 9-6. In overtime. With no touchdowns. And Alabama missing 4 (FOUR!!!!) field goals. Riveting stuff! Then it kind of wrecked “The Game of the Century” title (dun dun dun!) when a rematch for the National Championship was scheduled. “The Redo of the Century!.” I guess ESPN’s century mark fell somewhere between November 6th, 2011 and January 9th, 2012. So unfortunately, there will be no more good football games until at least January 2112.

Unless ESPN has to hype an SEC game between now and then.

And finally, the 450 (okay, okay… 35) bowl games wrapped up the football season. There was a ton of offense in almost every bowl. It was entertaining for awhile. Then somewhere in the middle of the Baylor vs. Washington game, you realized that you kind of missed a little bit of defense. Then the Clemson vs. West Virginia game happened and you realized defense had decided to take the entire months of December and January off. Either that, or it will all be concentrated into the LSU vs. Alabama game since they don’t play offense in the SEC. Part of me fully expects the game to still be going on when this entry is posted because of the anemic offenses AMAZING defenses. Also, 30 of the 120 Division I-A “FBS” teams had to find a new head coach. 25% of teams job hunting is a ridiculous number. That doesn’t count the number of coordinators and assistant coaches that bounced around. But just about the time you think you’ve seen it all as a college football fan, another year rolls around to make you think it tops all of the craziness from the previous year.

It’s what makes college football the best sport in the country and the people (aside from Harvey Updyke) the best fans in the sports world.

  1. Travel to Hawaii
  2. Own a cabin in the mountains
  3. Cut back on Facebook/Twitter/Useless-Internet-Surfing
  4. Clemson season tickets
  5. Run a half-marathon
  6. Clemson stats website
  • Who: Me on the technical side. Possibly a little help from my brother on the content/design side.
  • When: Before the 2012 football season
  • Where: Tiger Archives
  • Why: It combines three areas I really enjoy – Clemson sports, database maintenance and design, and learning new things. The sports part will mainly focus on football & recruits, with a plan to later branch off into basketball and baseball. The database part will focus on having an efficient yet customizable way to research Clemson games, seasons, coaches, etc. And the learning new things part applies to honing what I know about database design, teaching myself ASP.NET or any other technologies I might need, and possibly trying to figure out a way to monetize it all. And… thinking VERY ambitious… I might look into other schools as well like South Carolina or NC State.
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4 Responses to BCS Boycott

  1. You forgot one more quirky happening in college football this season. Your MOMMA won the college football bowl pool. BAM!

    • I typed it up yesterday, so I wasn’t sure if it had been locked up or not!

      I’ll wait until Tara makes it Facebook official before sending money. But at least it stayed within the family this time!

  2. Jenna says:

    Cheers to commenting on ALL (ok two) of your posts but I LOVE the stats website idea. 🙂

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