Come One! Come All!

Gather around the fireplace, girls and boys. It’s cold outside. I don’t think it got above 35 in Raleigh today. And it was intensely windy, to boot.

Which is why I’m typing up this entry sipping on some hot chocolate in a mug full of marshmallows. And I’ve got a Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum, & The Band Perry keeping me company on the country radio station streaming in the background.

What in the world has happened to me?

In the last week or two, it seems that there have been indiscreet signs in my life trying to bring my attention to my blog. Over Christmas break, a family member gave me a scolding talking to about some of the content on Twitter and my blog in regards to my job. They seemed to think it’s a little scathing and to be careful with what I’ve said. I smiled, nodded, and respectfully disagreed. I’m not naming names. I’m not discussing specific incidents. I’m merely unhappy with my current situation. The job, people, and company aren’t bad at all. And I’m too driven to let something like that affect my work performance. Unfortunately, I’m just not the right fit.

Then I was talking with my dad on our weekly phone call when he mentioned that he really enjoyed reading my blog. He said that he learns a lot about me because he feels I say type things I’m unwilling or not ready to say out loud, amongst the masses. I completely agree with that assessment but it doesn’t change the fact that if my dad has that opinion, then almost anyone who knows me in person and through my blog will pick up on that too. In person, I like to sit back quietly and take everything in. I remember details people shouldn’t remember. I pick up on personality traits and characteristics most people miss. I’m observant, almost to a fault. Sometimes that can be a really good thing. Many times, it can – and will – get me in trouble. Perched high and mighty in my blog throne, I’m a little looser with the words and opinions. I’ve cleaned it up a lot as I’ve gotten older. But for all intents and purposes, it’s an unfiltered view into whatever’s free flowing through my head at the moment.

Which makes me ever more self-conscious now that I have a handful of new followers. In the last few days, I’ve either picked up a few new readers (Hi Deni and Cristina!) or realized some new friends are reading on a regular basis (Mi$$ Dolla Billz with the matching glasses in Charlotte). There’s no telling who else reads this thing! Do I tone down the blog to prevent culture shock? Or is it baptism by fire to the new guys? It’s a little scary knowing my blog is a one-sided mirror for anyone to take a glimpse into the personality I normally try hard to keep under wraps to those not family or close friends. But on the other hand, that’s part of the intrigue and appeal to blogging, right? People are curious creatures.

It doesn’t help that the first blog post I read from Cristina is on Blogging Boundaries either. It’s a solid, valid question to ask – where do you draw the line online – especially with a non-professional, personal blog? Cause I’m stuck in no man’s land right now! I guess it all boils down to what you’re comfortable with attaching your name to online and in person. I might not say a lot of what I type here in person. But I also wouldn’t deny the opinions and hide behind a lie if confronted either.

I also have no future intentions of ever running for public office. So I’m good, right?

The good news for you guys is that I’m a little too stubborn to let a little doubt get in the way of what I want to say. So enjoy the House of Mirrors view!

P.S. By the time this is posted, Clemson will be playing in the Orange Bowl against the couch-burning hillbillies of West Virginia in a few hours at 8:30pm! Go Tigers!


Next up…

  1. Travel to Hawaii
  2. Own a cabin in the mountains
  3. Cut back on Facebook/Twitter/Useless-Internet-Surfing
  • Who: Again, just me. I’ll find one of these that eventually isn’t all about me.
  • When: ASAP! I’ve managed to make it an entire night without checking it so far.
  • Where: The World Wide World! Mainly in my apartment. Twitter passes the time at work several times a day.
  • Why: After 5pm on any given weekday, I feel like I get absolutely nothing done in the evenings. I typically walk Harper when I get home and then I try to go running every other day. But afterwards, if I’m anywhere near my computer, the time-suck that is the Internet seems to gobble up the hours from 7pm to midnight. Every. Single. Night. And it’s never anything productive. I’m either surfing Facebook, Twitter, or looking up random junk. So that’s going to change, for sure!
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2 Responses to Come One! Come All!

  1. says:

    Don’t forget that C Money has a Psych degree, and we all know that people with psych degrees “sit quietly in the corner and analyze everyone” so I don’t need your blog to accomplish that! HA And Geaux Tigers during the 2nd half??!

    • Oh, it definitely hasn’t been forgotten. I have no doubt you’re quietly having a field day.

      And you clearly Geaux’d the wrong Tigers. Either that or what just happened is your fault! It hurts so bad!

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