Should old acquaintance be forgot

New Years Eve was a unique night.

I spent the early part of the evening at S&T’s place watching football games after a couple of hours at the dog park with Harper. We were flipping back and forth between the Georgia Tech/Utah and Cincinnati/Vanderbilt games. I was in the middle of one of my signature, annual bowl game pick ’em collapse, having lost all five games on the 31st and the night game on the 30th (Side note: it hasn’t gotten much better, as I’ve gone 2-2 in the games on the 2nd as of this draft). For dinner, we went upstairs to their neighbors/landlords for dinner. They had oysters they were sharing to repay the crab leg dinner S&T put on the night before. We ate and watched the first half of the Chick Fil A Peach Bowl as Virginia was dismantled by Auburn. It was a good visit – and quiet, given it was New Years Eve – before everyone decided to go their own ways at halftime. I headed back to the apartment with Harper to finish watching the game and take in the New Year.

There was a big part of me that was glad I was doing my own thing. I can’t really explain it but ever since last year on my trip, I’ve wanted to spend some of the holidays alone. I enjoyed my dad’s company during his stint but part of me wanted to do 2010’s birthday alone. I had talked myself up to doing 2010 Thanksgiving alone before my aunt called the day before to check on where I was and I just happened to be a few hours away. There was no way I was doing 2010 Christmas alone after being gone for so long. And New Years Eve was spent out in a bar with a group of friends. In 2011, my birthday was spent at work then on the road on the way back to SC. Then I had talked myself into Thanksgiving alone again before being invited last minute to dinner in Raleigh. Christmas was hectic and rushed as I bounced around all over NC and SC during my time off. New Years Eve 2011 was finally mine.

It went about like one would expect. I finished watching the game. I started to watch some of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve but got sick of listening to Justin Bieber try and cover Let It Be (with a guitar solo from Carlos Santana… uh, what?). Also, just as a side note, I completely understand that he had a stroke but I think it’s about time to pull Dick Clark off of the air on his own show. It’s beyond disturbing seeing him caked in makeup stumble through a script. It also wasn’t cool to leave his mic on when his wife kissed him. Hearing sucking sounds is not the first memory I wanted to start my 2012. So instead, I watched a little bit of the Red Bull New Year. No Limits event. Nothing says America quite like ringing in the New Year with simultaneous jumping snowmobiles and dirt bikes over water in San Diego. And blowing up fireworks, of course.

Afterwards, came the awkward emotions. I watched a little bit of the performances on NBC (so weird not hearing Adam Levine perform his part in Gym Class’ Stereo Hearts), exchanged texts with family members, and got the sudden rush of loneliness. That seems to be how it works though. Out with friends in downtown Greenville in 2010 and want to be alone. In with no one in Raleigh in 2011 and want someone to share it with. The grass is always greener, right? 95% of the time, I’m completely comfortable being single, living alone, without many local friends yet. Unfortunately, this was part of the 5%. Read a few pages of The Dante Club, wished the puppy a happy 2012, and grabbed my first shut eye of the new year.


And on the 2nd day of bucket resolutions by 30, my WordPress blog gave to you…

  1. Travel to Hawaii
  2. Own a cabin in the mountains
  • Who: Just me on this one. Or a significant other if there’s one down the road.
  • When: I started down this path in the Fall of 2009 but it didn’t happen since I couldn’t find anything I liked and opted to travel the country instead. Much like the Hawaii goal, I highly doubt this goes down in 2012. It might not in 2013. The finances are the biggest issue here.
  • Where: I originally looked in Western NC around Tryon & Hendersonville. I’d be open to Northwestern SC, Northeastern GA, Western NC, or Eastern TN though. Ideally, I’d like some land in or near the mountains, possibly with a stream or river nearby, with room enough to build a small cabin and maybe do some camping.
  • Why: I’ve always enjoyed the mountains. I’ve always liked the idea of having somewhere to go to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It would be a vacation property, not my primary residence. Preferably within driving distance of Clemson so that it could serve as home base for football weekends. And when it happens, you’re all invited!
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