Bucket Resolution By 30?

As the author of a personal blog, there are unwritten rules that state with the New Year comes the arrogance responsibility of giving you, the readers, a run down of my personal resolutions or suggested resolutions for yourself.

This year though, I wanted to do something a little different. As I outlined in my last post, my resolutions last year were pretty hit or miss. Some, like the puppy, I knocked out of the park. Others, like my book, I completely neglected. So instead of a list of everything from simple tasks to unreasonable lifestyle changes to accomplish in one calendar year, I’ve combined a few ideas.

First, I was talking to a friend a few weeks ago about a list of 30 things she wanted to obtain, see, or accomplish by the time she was 30. It covered everything from destinations she’d like to visit to professional goals she’d like out of a career. But because I only have 10 months before I hit the big 3-0, I couldn’t blatantly steal that idea. And a “35 before 35” list doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Second, it seems like everyone is big on bucket lists right now. Even the TV world is getting in on it, as I was watching How It’s Made yesterday and there were advertisements for An Idiot Abroad. It’s essentially a travel documentary series produced by Ricky Gervais for Karl Pilkington to travel around the world, doing crazy bucket list-style adventures. The only problem with this sort of approach is that a bucket list is full of items that take considerable time and planning to make happen.

And finally, there’s the resolution approach. As I’ve already stated, I wanted to do something different than the usual resolution list because of the type of items it typically attracts. Anyone can say they want to lose weight… be healthier… take up a new hobby… be a better person. At the end of the day, resolutions are lifestyle changes. And statistically, that sets up someone for failure because people are stubborn and resistant to big lifestyle changes. All you need to do is compare the scene at your local gym in January to March.

My list is going to have a little bit of it all. Everything from short term to long term goals. Every day tasks to once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Only without the impossibility of a bucket list, time constraint of a “30-for-30” list, and high percentage of failure of resolutions. So over the course of the next few weeks or months, I’ll unveil one item per entry, explain each in detail, and give my motivation for adding it to the list.

Without further ado, I bring to you the first item on the list before I turn into a lazy bum on my couch in front of college football bowl games all day today (Go Big Red!).

1. Travel to Hawaii

  • Who: Part of me wants to do it alone since I did most of my trip alone. But I’m open for travel buddies if anyone has a burning desire to head to America’s islands. I’ve also got an online buddy who’s moving back to Hawaii I probably need to visit.
  • When: Probably not going to have the resources or time to do it in 2012 but I’d rather do it sooner than later. Maybe 2013 as an early goal? Nothing’s set in stone at this point.
  • Where: Not sure on the logistics yet, since it’s not in my immediate future. But I’d like to do some hiking somewhere. Maybe do some of the crazy tourists things like Pearl Harbor or snorkeling. There are things Hawaii has that no where else in the US has. Those are the places I want to be.
  • Why: It’s the last state I have to visit. Not counting airport layovers, I’ve set foot in 49 of the 50 states. It’s the OCD in me coming out – I have a list that’s incomplete and it needs to be fixed.

I hope everyone had a great & safe New Years celebration! What are your goals for 2012 and beyond?

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2 Responses to Bucket Resolution By 30?

  1. Be careful asking if anyone wants to come with you. You might wind up with relatives you never expected hitching a wagon to that resolution of yours. 🙂 Good goal, though. Save up your time. Nothing says you can’t spend part of next December over there! We’d keep Harper for you!

    • I never said I’d PAY for the travel buddies!

      Finding the time wouldn’t be that big of an issue. Just looking on travel sites though, the trips would cost at least $2k for the hotel & airfare. I gotta have some money left over to actually do cool, awesome things!

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