Subtly Significant

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

But here we are again… the end of another year.

There have been some years where I look forward to New Years more than Christmas, so it’s pretty safe to say I’m a bigger fan of the second of the two big holidays this time of year. I’m not a huge party-er (… partier? How’s that work?). I don’t drink. The last few years, I’ve been out with friends in bars when the ball dropped but normally, I’d rather just be in, watch some football, and catch the New Years Eve shows. So it’s not high on my list for the normal reasons people enjoy the night.

I enjoy it because it’s a reflective time in life. I enjoy my alone time because it gives me time to think and look at things without outside interference. And at the end of the year, there’s an inherent feeling of closing out the old and starting over with the new. So it’s a time for me to reflect on how I handled myself in the past year – how I managed the changes I wanted to make and what I should do differently going forward. And luckily for you voyeuristic readers, I’m here to give you a front row seat.

Taking a look back at 2011’s first entry, I set some resolutions:

  • Read more – I didn’t keep count but I’m fairly certain I fell short of my 30 book goal. I still have two books I got from last Christmas sitting on my shelf to read. I even quit reading my subscription to Alternative Press. I did read a handful of books, so I didn’t completely drop the ball.
  • Get a dog – This one didn’t take long. January 18th, I adopted Harper a mainly black lab mix from Pets Inc in West Columbia. It was, by far, one of my most solid decisions I’ve ever made. Not just in the last year, but ever. If you have the means (financially & time-wise), having a dog is such a positive life decision.
  • Exercise and be healthy – I ran at least three races this year: The Bridge Run (10K), the Lexington Jail Break (5K), and a Turkey Trot (8K). I’ve completely made the switch to 100% whole wheat bread, which doesn’t sound like much but it’s leaps for this kid who used to only eat white bread or nothing. I try to buy some kind of fruit. I only drink water, 100% natural juice, or 1% milk. I still have room to make some pretty big time diet changes but I do think I’ve made a better effort in the past year to be healthier.
  • Blog, blog, blog! – Up until semi-recently, I was slacking. Really bad. It looks like I’ve typed 40 entries in 2011 (not including this one). 10 of them have come in December. That’s pretty bad when that means I typed 60 in the 4 months of 2010 I was on my trip and the few weeks afterwards. The last month has been good. I just need to be consistent. This will be worked on. I also didn’t touch the layout or theme of the blog. I need to get that under control a bit.
  • Write my book – Complete failure. Things have been a little hectic with moving and being near my brother and sister in law… but I haven’t done a thing. And being honest with myself, I probably won’t do a thing with it in the near future. It’s still on the list… there are just higher priority items right now. I do plan on getting my pictures organized though. I want to print off a lot to be framed around the apartment. And I need to create a coffee table-style book too. That should help get the ball rolling, no matter how slow it goes.
  • More adventures – I camped with three teenage boys (this doesn’t sound so hot re-reading this post now after the Penn State & Syracuse fiascoes) and survived. I didn’t embarrass myself or anyone else as my brother’s best man. I had trips to see Clemson play Florida State, Boston College, NC State, and Virginia Tech in Charlotte for the ACC Championship Game. I saw One Republic in Charlotte on Halloween and convinced a bunch of suckers friends to dress up as Willy Wonka characters with me. And the biggest of them all, I moved out of Chapin and South Carolina. The adventures weren’t as outrageous as they were in 2010 but they were there. I already have a list of things I want to do in 2012.

It was near impossible to top what I had done in 2010 this past year. It’s not that often you get to quit a job on your own terms, travel the country, and do things people talk about doing but never actually do. So I won’t say I did better in 2011. But I will say it was subtly significant.

I hopped back into the workforce.

I got a new sister in law.

I got a puppy.

I got an apartment in a new city & new state.

I gained a lot of responsibility and did a lot of growing up.

But 2012… I’m going to need you to step up your A game. I’ve got big things in store and I wholeheartedly plan on doing them. So let’s see what you got. And who’s willing to come along for the ride!

Everyone enjoy your New Years and be safe! See you guys next year!

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