Happy Birthday, 8lb 6oz Baby Jesus!

Merry Christmas! From tuxedo shirt Jesus, Lynyrd Skynyrd lead singer Jesus, and 8lb 6oz Baby Jesus!

Welcome to my 100th entry!

I’m not sure what it is about our culture but there seems to be some sort of inherent sense of accomplishment that comes with nice, round numbers. Logically, is 100 really that much different than 63? Or 101? Or 139? The head says no. But the heart says yes.

Either way, I made it to triple digits!

Unfortunately, I’m thinking this will also be my second to last entry in 2011. It takes me roughly an hour, from start to finish, to usually turn one of these bad boys out. And to be honest, I was slack and didn’t plan that far ahead. Because I’ve been fairly active with the blog recently, I’m slowly quickly running out of things to say without including everything from personal subjects that should be left undocumented on the Internet to just plain rambling. None of that would do anyone… or my blog… any favors. Since I skip weekends anyways, it only turns out to be roughly a week’s worth of entries that’ll be missed. But it will give me some time to step back and come up with better ideas.

And since now is the time of year when seemingly everyone takes off from work and completely checks out until the new year, I figured there was room for one more on the bandwagon.

At some point next week, I’ll have an entry to wrap up & reflect on 2011 and then we’ll be off to the future of 2012. Stay tuned!

Christmas Eve was pretty solid. I made it home Friday night, gave my nephew his present, and visited with him and my step brother a little bit. Today, I met my Pomaria buddy for lunch. We went all Feliz Navidad up on Chapin and had Mexican food. Pollo Fundido is the best Mexican dish ever created. Good talks were definitely had.

From there, I headed out to Pets Inc to pick up some dog food and a present or two for Harper. It made me happy because there was a dad there lining up a puppy to get his kids for Christmas. But it made me sad too because I was walking around playing with the puppies and there was one in the back by herself that looked a lot like Harper did when her litter were puppies. She was a black lab mix with some white on her chest and by herself. And she was loving and playful. It makes me want another dog to play with Harper. But I know I need to let her get a little older and maybe a tad bit calmer before bringing another puppy into the mix.

That just might speed up volunteering at a shelter in Raleigh.

For Christmas, my mom already got her a rope to gnaw on. Honestly, I’m surprised it’s still in tact at this point. She normally rips through them in hours. And even though she’s already spotted them under the tree, she’s getting two cow hooves and a massive 3.5 lb cow bone. I’m sure it’ll make a mess and I’ll wind up having to clean carpet up somewhere. But it’s all in good fun. The guy at the counter at Pets Inc insured me I was about to have a happy dog.

After that, I survived some last minute gift getting in the Harbison area. It was surprisingly quiet for it being both a Saturday and Christmas Eve. Normally, that place is PACKED this time of year.

And last but not least, I managed to find some time to do some baking at home. I normally don’t do anything since my mom makes a bunch of cookies and my grandmother makes an absurd amount of cookies. Things seem to get thrown away every year because it goes stale since no one can seem to eat enough. But I found an awesome recipe I had to give a shot. I’ve got my own sugar cookie recipe I’m really comfortable with and enjoy, so I veered from these directions a little bit. But everything turned out amazing! I haven’t had a chance for a taste test yet but if they taste anything like they look, it will be awesome.


And with that, I’m out of here. I hear Santa’s on his way!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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One Response to Happy Birthday, 8lb 6oz Baby Jesus!

  1. Love the cookies! Good job, Nanu. Merry Christmas, baby boy.

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